Nov 24, 2013

In a Nutshell: Family Photo Shoot FAIL

I can't even remember the last Week in a Nutshell post I wrote.

I have not written about this cute family of mine in awhile. I used to be really good at documenting our week and all our antics. I probably should get better at that.

I just had to share our Family Photo Shoot FAIL. First, because it was HEE-larious (looking back of course). Second, because it was definitely one of the "keeping it real" moments.

We got awesome family photos taken last July. They were perfect and beautiful, taken by a professional. When it came to our Christmas card photos though, I needed another another photo. I wanted one a little more seasonal. So I decided to do what I have done before and take care of it myself.

It is getting colder around here, so I knew I was running out of "good" weather. So this week I gathered up outfits from their closets. I warned them that after school that day we would be going to take pictures. I even offered a bribe of hot chocolate if they did well. They seemed on board. I was pretty excited.

I knew the location I wanted and it was close to home.

I figured, it was in the bag.

I figured horribly wrong. There was no bag. There was no "on board". There was definitely no hot cocoa drinking...well except Oldest, he was very helpful as the photos will document.

Instead I had four boys (one being a toddler), vanishing sunlight, cold weather, and stinky attitudes.

My best laid plans, rapidly came crashing down. The first problem came when I forgot that Oldest had piano lessons, so we couldn't leave until 4:45. That wouldn't seem like a big deal, but here by 4:45 the sun is getting ready for it's farewell for the day. No begging would seem to stop it.

By the time that we got to my warehouse location, there was pretty much no sunlight. So even with a good lens, I knew the pictures probably wouldn't turn out.

I thought I would give it  try anyway.

However, then the baby wrangling began.

He was less than pleased being wrangled.

He was less than cooperative. Even with all my "helpers".

Even if I got him to sit still, or took one with out him, silly faces abounded.

There were also angry faces, and "mom-this-is-lame-faces".

There was yelling, crying, kicking, rock-throwing, and not all just by me.

So I gave up. I figured I would either try another day or I would just send another photo.

I had failed to plan for all the contingencies, mainly one very cute, but very active toddler.

I can't say it was all their fault. I rushed it. I was a tad cranky.

Oh well. What are ya gonna do but laugh at it all. I have since recovered. They have since recovered. We have since done a different photo shoot that turned out much better. So fingers crossed I can get a warm and fuzzy Christmas card sent.

I sure do love being a mom to boys, even on the days that I want to pull my hair out.


Kirsten said...

That is classic! And I'm sure you know this, but you will blink and your big boy will be at college, and your baby will be busier than any of the others ever were, and those will be priceless pictures.
And. I need to thank you - so many of your recipes are fantastic, chicken pot pie crumble is requested most often around here. I just made it for my husbands entire family and wasso flattered by the reaction. I gave you full credit!

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

I totally know! It is crazy how fast time moves. Thank you so much for your sweet words. They made my day!


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