Nov 11, 2013

Our Thanksgiving Mantle

I love Christmas. I really, really do. I love every wonderful thing about it.

However, I love, love, love Thanksgiving too. So most things Christmas are put on hold until after Thanksgiving is done. Don't get me wrong, there are a few Christmas things that show up now.

Some Christmas presents are in the works. Hubby has also put up the Christmas lights outside. Mostly because we have a very small window of good weather from November until...well, April.

Other than those few things and the occasional toy circling in the Christmas toy magazine, we don't rush to celebrate Christmas too soon making sure not to skip over Thanksgiving. The good news is this year, Thanksgiving is late, so I have lots of time to enjoy it. On the flip side that also means my decorations for Christmas are going to go up the day after Thanksgiving before I have even had a chance to digest all that turkey.

Oh well, right! That is what happens with back to back holiday wonderfulness.

I am not complaining. I sure do love this time of year. 

The day after Halloween, my Bat Garland and Black and White Halloween Mantle was put away and my Thanksgiving Mantle was put together.

Every single thing I used this year to decorate was from last year. Not a single newly painted, sewn, or crafted thing.

Say it ain't so.

I am not gonna lie, it was kind of grand just reusing what I had. I loved everything so much I didn't mind using it again.

The older three made these Framed Turkey Hand Prints a couple of years ago. I probably should make one for Bean. Fortunately he is too young to care that he is left out of the hand-turkey fun.

I have grown rather fond of using dry beans in decorating. I revamped my usage of them a tad. Normally I have them all in one big glass container. This year I divided them up between these sweet glass milk jars that I got from IKEA a few months back.

The little turkey thankful canvas is still holding strong. As are the spray painted turkey figures I got at the dollar store.

Spray paint makes so many things so much better.

Like the all the cheap plastic pumpkins from The Mart.

The simple Thankful Tree is back, also resting in a glass milk jar.

I hung the Thanksgiving Pennant Banner over the mantle this year instead of in front of it. I like it this way so much better.

I know I shouldn't need a reminder to think of what I am thankful for, but unfortunately I am often guilty of forgetting all the great things I have. I am enjoying having a mantle that reminds me every time I see it to be grateful. 

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Melanie said...

It really is SO SO cute! You did an excellent job!

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Thanks Melanie!! I hope you are dressing that little girl in all the bows and frills you can!


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