Dec 6, 2013

Dear Santa Letter Writing Kit (and printable)

My kids write Santa every year. It normally goes a little something like this--

I gather some random pieces of construction paper. The kids round up all of their markers and crayons. We sit down and write out some last minute lists.

Did you catch the whole last minute part? Yeah, I am talking like, last, last minute. Like sometimes the night before. When that happens we just hope and pray that "Santa" guessed right .

This year I got the bee in my bonnet that I wanted it to be more special. I pretty much like to show up late to the party, I mean my oldest in almost 10 and this our first legit Santa Letter.

I guess it is okay if I show up late, as long as I bring this cute little printable Dear Santa Letter with me.

Once I made this set of Dear Santa stuff, I thought it would be cute to put together the printables and add a few other things to make it a cute little Dear Santa Letter Writing Kit that I could give as a little gift.

To the printables I added some washi wrapped pencils and then a roll of washi tape.

I made this Dear Santa Letter using PicMonkey's Santa Land

I am dying over these toy overlays. Seriously, how cute are they?!?

I made an image to go on an envelope. The fonts PicMonkey has for Santa Land are perfect for an envelope traveling to the North Pole.

All you need to put together you own Dear Santa Letter Writing Kit--

Dear Santa Letter
Dear Santa Envelope lable (*)
washi tape

You can either put it all together as a fun little gift, or you can print it off for your own Littles. Or heck, you can do both.

My Little Men had fun writing their letters.

Little's drawing was pretty much my favorite part.

Even Oldest joined in the fun.  Is it just me or does he look like a teenage already. Ack!

I hope you enjoy this printable. Let me know what you think. Share it if you love and I will love you!

Merry Christmas.

*You will have to manipulate the label image to print off on the envelope.

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Adrienne said...

What a great idea :-) The Wassail mix...I have never heard of that before but it sounds great and I'm so glad you figured out the recipe :-)

Laura Roth said...

Awesome as usual....I think I'll have our elf bring that this weekend.

Christa said...

I love it! just the perfect thing for a frozen afternoon.

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Thanks ladies!

cre8ivesky said...

Used these with my boys tonight- they loved the spot for a picture and question! Thanks for sharing!


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