Dec 4, 2013

Project Handmade Christmas Presents: Only Date Crime Fighters Tee

Welcome to the first post of Project Handmade Christmas Presents 2013.

I am kind of geeking out about this present. I love making fun and creative t-shirts for presents. Heck, I like making t-shirts for pretty much everything.

I have wanted to make a shirt like this since I made Little's Batman Shirt. On the same site that inspired the Batman Shirt, I saw a shirt similar to this one. Right when I saw it, I knew someone who would love, love, love it.

I knew I needed to find a way to recreate it for my crime fighter loving friend.

So recreate it I did.

Making the shirt was super easy. I only had one hiccup...

Trying to find a baseball tee in the winter, well that took some fancy footwork and a very helpful store worker. They actually found one for me in the back. Let me be clear...he got one for me that had already been put in storage.

Best. Store. Ever.


I got the shirt. I got my vinyl (Expressions Vinyl). I drew a spider image. I scanned it in. Opened it in PicMonkey. Added some text. Then I imported the saved image in my Silhouette software. I cut it out. I ironed on the heat transfer vinyl.


Now my friend can declare it to the world the caliber of men she will date.

I think every girl single girl should own one.

I am more than just a little excited to send this to her...

Like clap my hands and giggle excited.

Yeah, I am a nerd.

Come back tomorrow for a food Project Handmade Christmas Present
If you follow me on Instagram, you have a hint at what is coming!!

Thanks for stopping by!


Alayna said...

That is so cute! My daughter NEEDS one and maybe it will happen if I can get my butt in gear and finish the dozen or so projects I already have in the works for Christmas.

Melanie said...

so cute!!!

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Thanks ladies!


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