Jan 19, 2016

15 Boy-Approved Valentines

We have less than a month love birds. Less than one month to bust out a ridiculous pile of classroom valentines for those cute kiddos in our lives. Every year I try to come up with at least one new valentine idea for one of my boys. If I am feeling particularly productive I make new ones for all of my boys who are in school.

This year I will have all four. ALL FOUR. ACK! I might need some help and inspiration. Are you feeling the same way?

Our house is full of boys. Since we are a house of all that is rough and tough and smelly, I have to make an effort to make classroom valentines that are not too lovey and sappy.

Boys. They just don't appreciate that kind of stuff.

I rounded up 15 Boy-Approved Valentines that are perfect for the classroom, preschool, or just the neighborhood kids. My boys would happily hand out any of these (several they have in the past). Most of them all have printables and ideas. There might be one or two that show you how to create your own personalized one.

Each Boy-Approved Valentine on this list is fun, easy, and sure to be a big hit with their friends.

Hope this list of Boy-Approved Valentines gives you some ideas and inspiration for Valentine's Day this year. 

Look out for my the Valentine's I am making this year too. Also, there will be a Valentine's Day T-shirt round up. You all know how I like a good Valentine's Day themed t-shirt.


SStockhoff said...

Just stopping by to say hi! Oh and to tell you I think you are pretty much amazing!

Corrie- said...

These are super cute! I mean manly. Super manly.


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