Mar 1, 2010

Are Ya Feeling Lucky Punk? T-shirt Remake

I have never really done anything for St. Patty's day. Mostly likely because I am still recovering from all that happens in February. On the actual day, I am always scrambling for something the boys can wear with any amount of green in it. 

Well this year I found this shirt on clearance at Target (oh how I love thee...).

It was cute, but a little boring. So I got this great idea in my head to put a saying on it. 

One printed off saying, an old white t-shirt, iron on adhesive, some cutting, and some sewing (okay a lot of sewing and some tense moments where I wanted to hit something) later...

Here it is my St. Patty's day Are Ya Feeling Lucky Punk? T-shirt remake

With elbow patches and everything.

I think this little man is safe from any pinching on St. Patty's day...well except for maybe those cute little cheeks.

Go check out and add your fun St. Patty's crafts to Somewhat Simple

UPDATED NOTE: Another St Patty's craft link up is taking place at Craftaholics Anonymous

So go ahead and check it out too.

PS. I am still working on techy stuff, so sorry that the buttons don't actually link back to the people, use the name links for that. Eventually I will figure all of it out!


Amy said...

Ohhh wow I love that T-shirt! I want one in my size! I love just about everything with elbow patches - you're so talented :D

Cinderella, the A-Train and Our Little Caboose said...

You had to have A LOT of patience to sew each one of those letters on! I am tired just thinking about it, but it is super cute!

Natalie said...

I love it. I kind of want it, but I'm pretty positive it would look much better on a 3 year old boy than me. Love your guts, Lady.

seven thirty three said...

Om my,I love this shirt. And your model is a looker! :)

seven thirty three - - - a creative blog home of the What are little boys made of? Weekly Round Up

Corey and Jenessa said...

Hey Larissa,

Your brother here...I was just wondering if I could send that shirt to you to do the same thing. I bought it about a year ago and now I know that you think it's boring!

Linda@CraftaholicsAnonymous said...

Ok, that is so stinkin cute!! And he's adorable too! What a fun shirt. Thanks for joining the party!!

Brandy@YDK said...

It's so funny that you found my blog in this big old blog universe!

LOVE LOVE LOVE this shirt. very cute

Margo said...

I love the shirt! It's so creative!

Kelley said...

VEry cute... what a good idea.


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