Feb 27, 2010

Saturdays Are All About Family Time: Family Olympics and Medal How-to

Sure the Olympics are ending on Sunday...but who says you can't keep the Olympic spirit alive after the closing ceremonies.

A great family activity is to hold your own family Olympics. If you are fortunate and live somewhere that isn't snowing (I will try not to hold it against you!), take it outside. If you are like us and snowed in, and have been FOREVER, hold it inside.

We of course had our family Olympics on the Wii (pictures at the end), but really you can do anything. Here is something you can try. Gather wax paper and rubberbands. Tear the wax paper pieces big enough to wrap around each foot, so that it closes around at the ankle. Rubberband the wax paper in place. Instant ice skates on carpet. My boys love this.

Okay so obviously if you are having  a family Olympics, you need medals. I had left over felt (I am sure that surprises you), so I whipped out some medals. It was super duper easy.

You will need:

Felt in gold, gray, and something resembling bronze...I used tan
a circle shape to trace
2 pieces blue felt (more if you make more than 9 medals)
coordinating thread

Let's Make 'Em:

Trace circles, two for each medal. Make as many as you want. I made three sets for three games.

Cut circles out. Cut 1x8.5 inch strips of blue (that is if you buy the craft sheets and cut with the long side down), 2 for each medal.

Assemble medals. First put two pieces of blue felt between two circles. If you traced them, make sure markings are facing in.

Pin circles together. Sew around the edge with about a 1/4 inch seam, in coordinating color.

Lay out so that neck band make's a V.

Grab the bottom piece of the V, and turn the very top part facing you.

Place the end of the top piece of the V on top of the turned over end of the bottom piece. Pin, and then sew together with a straight stitch.

Woohoo! Now you are done. Instant medals, and that leads to...

Instant fun, and your own Family Olympics.

What a good looking bunch of athletes. 

Don't worry hubby got a medal too, alas the strap was just a little too small to go over his daddy sized head.

Go have fun. My boys LOVED it. We now have the medals in the same box with all our Wii stuff because the boys insist we will be having another competition soon.


tara said...

wow, i'm out of the loop for a couple days...i come back and my little buddy larissa is a real life, bonified blogger with stranger comments and everything! congrats buddy. next stop, being rich and famous, right? well done and ps the olympics within the confines of your own home...genius

Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

Ooh felt! That's such a great idea! I'll be linking to this. I'll have to add it to the Olympic Roundup as well.

Darth Mama said...

i love the felt medals. I am going to make them. thanks for the tute. We are going to hold our olympics during spring break.


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