Jun 8, 2010

Bib Necklace How-to Part 1

So hey, go and check out Bird Crafts and see if 
you notice anything familiar! Thanks Bird for the shout out!

Okay on to the necklace...

Okay everyone, here is my lovely self in my bib necklace...I don't know why I seem to be allergic to looking at the camera. I will work on it.

I wore it on  a white shirt tucked into a gray pleated swing skirt...just thought I would paint the picture for you. I will say that I took this picture after church so the necklace had been through several bouts of our littlest man climbing all over me. I started the day with it tied a little tighter, so the necklace almost looked like the collar of the white shirt.  Okay enough of me in the necklace...on to the tutorial.

The tutorial for this necklace is going to be in parts. I am going to give a tutorial on how to do each flower, and then I will tell you how I put everything together. It might seem annoying to split it up, but believe me you would be more annoyed to have a novel of a tutorial in one post!

Bib Necklace Rolled Flower Tutorial

You will need a light tee shirt for these flowers. Take your tee, cut of the sleeves and the collar. You will want to cut nine 1X16 inch strips...these are just for the flowers, you will need two more for the necklace tie.

Roll each of your strips, tight like this.

Start at one end, leaving about an inch of the end.

Here is where it gets tricky to explain...While clasping the end, roll the strip tighter.

Start rolling.

After rolling around a couple of times, put a drop of hot glue on the inch piece you left on the end.

Fold over your started rosette on the drop of glue. The piece of extra fabric you glued it to will act as a stabilizer as you continue to roll your flower.

Continue to roll the rest of your strip. Use glue on stabilizer as needed to make sure the flower stays together.

Roll until there is about an inch left of your strip. Place a drop of glue on that left over flower, and then fold over onto the back of the flower...again to stabilize the flower.

One flower done...eight more to go. 

This flower (and the smaller version) is next...

but you will have to wait until Saturday...maybe Monday for this one. I am going CAMPING....yep that is right. I am going with the young women of our church to girls camp for the rest of the week.

Don't worry I am not forgetting Recipe Thursday...there is something all ready to go. PLUS I am doing a blog swap on Friday...so I will still vicariously be here even if I am up to my stink in camping. 

BUT when I get back on Saturday I am probably going to be spending my time with my sweet hubby and little men, of course after showering for an hour and washing all my campfire perfumed clothing, so don't cry your eyes out when I don't do the next part of this tutorial until Monday.


Heidi Dyk said...

Oh, Larissa, you are so crafty! I LOVE this! And by the way, that picture of you is super cute. :)

Bird said...

Larissa I WANT ONE OF THOSE!!!!! :)


oh, you cakes are posted today over at BC!! yay!

Thanks for that!


thezenofmaking said...

Thanks for sharing so quickly! You definitely don't keep a gal waiting. :)

mamagale said...

This is sooo cute! And YAY for GIRLS CAMP!! I just know you are a fantastic leader for your girls--they are lucky to have you!

Heather Leavers said...

oh this looks lovely!

Brenbren said...

Gorgeous! I want to feature this. With your permission I will use a picture from your post and send the readers over to you to get the tutorial! www.therapeuticcrafting.blogspot.com

Julianna said...

This is stunning! I love it and I will be featuring it today for Featured Flower Friday at Singing Three Little Birds. Thanks!

Julianna said...

Oh! And I'm following you too! I can't wait to see what else you do!

kumorris said...

So beautiful. I just love the colors and that added sparkly elements. Thanks so much for sharing, I will link it on Craft Gossip.

The Beading Gem said...

Awesome! Thanks for sharing this tutorial. I will link in a future blog post

Lessons Learned said...

Thanks for these. I made my own this weekend and posted on my blog. I linked back to your blog and tutorials.

Maria Veigman said...

want to try this :)

Laura Hagan said...

Yay! I love this and can't wait to try it. I thought it was funny you mentioned girl's camp that is where my daughter is this week (she's a first year). I look forward to browsing your blog!


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