Jun 24, 2010

Confessions of an Ugly Teenager

Yes it is true, I was an ugly teenager.

I know, shocking, but true.

My teenage experience ranged from the above, a preteen suffering from missing-my-brush-need-a-training-bra-before-her-friends-homemade-hand-me-down-dress-sporting-shoulder-pads syndrome...


a high school senior mistaken for any of the following: a foreign exchange student, a relatives girlfriend (eww gross not because we were ever seen being affectionate...just because I was never seen with ANY other boys), a middle aged mother of a six year old, or a substitute teacher.

...and sorry you don't get a picture of this time of my life...the above preteen picture is sad but hilarious...my high school pictures are just sad and embarrassing.

Yes it is safe to say I was an ugly teenager.

So here are some confessions of an ugly teenager all grown up and grown out of most of her ugly (you should see me after a really muggy midwest night of sleep when our air conditioner doesn't kick on because we are too cheap)...

...Even though I knew high school boys were real oxygen wasters...I still would have liked a date.
...While I appreciate the hilarity of my prom story (I will tell that one another time)...I would have still liked a fairy tale one.
..."You are so mature" I think was people trying to assure me that I would grow out of my awkward phase.
...Some times it sucked to have BEAUTIFUL friends (you know who you are)...but I still can't hold it against them because they were also WONDERFUL friends.
...In hindsight I can now see that wearing trousers to school will lead to the idea that you are substitute teacher.
...I let other people dictate my confidence in how I looked and here is a secret...I still struggle with that.

What I learned from being an ugly teenager?

...It goes away
...Keeping high school boys away was a blessing in disguise
...Man am I funny (hehe funny looking...sorry I had to throw that one in)
...The story of the ugly duckling is true
...Your parents ALWAYS think you are beautiful
...It really is more important to have a beautiful soul

Here's to all the "ugly" teenagers out there. I am thankful for what I learned from that time of my life...but whew am I glad it is over...

...and the pictures are burned...kidding...maybe.


Holly said...

This is a fun post. It would be a great idea for a bunch of bloggers to share their most awkward tween/teen photo. I have mine in my head, but I think my parents have the actual photo. Red, freckle face. Mother cut bangs an inch long and huge smile with braces. Awesome. You were definitely cuter than me.

Jen said...

You were not an ugly teenager. I was there; I know.
I do think adulthood is a wonderful thing.
I would choose 30 over 16 any day.

ColleenandKendra said...

What a trooper you are to do that post! That could have been written about ME! But the difference is I wouldn't have been brave enough to write it. BTW, you were cute in that pic. Times are the times...huge shoulder pads were the thing. Shudder to think of them coming back. That and the cuffed jean. Shudder.

Cinderella, the A-Train and Our Little Caboose said...

I had plenty of awkward teenage moments! haha The worst photo of me though is definitely my 3rd grade photo. I think there may only be one left in existence.

Amy said...

Love it. I think some of my pictures might make you feel better. Redheads go through some pretty rough ugly stages...YIKES!! You're awesome.

Karen said...

Photogenic in every photo? Maybe not. But an ugly teenager? Definitely NOT. I knew you when, my dear. You were, and still are, hard on yourself for no reason whatsoever. Beautiful inside and out, that's who you've always been. But a wise and fun post nevertheless. love ya!

Stockhoff Family said...

Well since I am the Mom I will have to say that you are right parents always think you are beautiful!!! You have gotten even more beautiful as you have grown! Love you

Abbie said...

I agree completely with what Karen said. While I have plenty of ugly and unstylish photos also, I am sure I can find some of both you and I that do us more justice.

Keri said...

Its not you girl its the era. Back then all those things you complained about were the "In" thing. The bad part is I now look at the Young Girls in our ward and think wow they got serious style for their age. why couldnt we have that kind of style when we were younger. you dont supose one day they'll look back on their pictures and their Era and think of themselves as Ugly Teenagers. I dont think that possible they dress better then I do at 30. LOL Lucky kids. but nothing beat growing up in the 80's and 90's thats for sure. we were the coolest looking crowd ever alive. LOL

tara said...

dude, if you were ugly...i was frankenstein, yeah, not even his bride...frankenstein himself. i believe that i was the one who gained boobs and like 35 pounds the summer before sophomore year. right when what you looked like wasn't important, yeah or not. anyway, yes we were all awkward except for those that you mentioned in the post. i know who they are too.
too often our self confidence is based on what others think. i really wish it wasn't that way and i'm proud to say that even though i do still struggle with that, it happens a lot less than way back when. just know you are truly amazing then and now and yes, it was a good thing we had the apparent boy repellent. it really was a blessing and not a curse. who knew, right? love ya buddy. anytime you get some magical "free time" and wanna make me something awesome, i'll take it!! a quiet book for church perhaps?

Meadows08 said...

Zits, braces, coke bottle glasses the size of salad plates AND a bad perm! Welcome to my teenage nightmare...Plus we were all victims of the fashions of the time!

Now at 37 I'm happier than even with how I look!


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