Feb 17, 2011


Today this kid is 7! 7!?! When did that happen. My Oldest Little Man is truly a little man. He has been since the beginning. He has continued to be our little man, with occasional hints of our little teenager. He truly lights up our little family.

Here are some things about our newly turned 7-year-old

He is SO smart, naturally too. Which I know can be a double edge sword because he may not always have to work as hard to learn something

He is sensitive. The sensitive that makes him aware of things that are going on around him. He can sense the urgency and importance in certain situations.

His peers are drawn to him. In a good way. Time and time again we have been told about what a good example he sets and how others try to follow him. 

He loves video games and grudgingly accepts our limits to twice a week and special occasions.  He is better at most games then me.

He is imaginative. He stays up late having full blow conversations with his stuffed animals. Sometimes we have to tell him to wait to have these conversations until  his brother is already asleep.

He likes math. Loves to read. Tolerates writing. Ultimately he is like every other kid and recess is his favorite thing at school.

He truly is one of the handsomest boys I know but he thinks it is silly how many girls "like" him. He will still tell you he is marrying Lauren who we "betrothed" to him when he was 3.

word searches
his family
diary of a wimpy kid
being outside
phinneas and ferb
playing with Tanner and Bryce
the color green

Happy Birthday Little Man.

You truly don't realize how quickly time flies until you see your children grow. Since I was feeling nostalgic today I gathered a picture from every year of his life and put them all together for my your viewing pleasure.

 Sniff. Cry. Cry. Tissue please. Time flies.


Abbie said...

Love the outfit and picture. Too bad we didn't live close to each other, he and Ethan seem like they would have a lot in common.

Natalie said...

I appreciate you sharing the beauty of your offspring with the rest of us. It gives your younger (and extremely awesome) sister something to aspire to for her future posterity.

P.S. I love chuck.

The Super Sanchez Family said...

when i saw the post title of "7", i was almost confused....because that just seems like a crazy-high number to represent the age of your first child. and speaking of "old", i'll talk to YOU in a couple days!

Emily said...

Larissa, his shirt in the first picture rocks my world. I just saw it in the Celebrate the Boy pool and was thinking how awesome it is!

Happy birthday, big guy!

Stefi said...

you have such an handsome little man :)
happy birthday!

ColleenandKendra said...

Um, really? When did those seven years happen? I can hardly believe it. He is so stinkin' handsome. I love, love, LOVE his smile. Happy birthday from Aunt Colleen and Kendra (who will be TEN this year, by the way---no way I'm ready for double digits!)

Stockhoff Family said...

He is a heartbreaker! That picture is a must have for the wall I can't wait to print it out. Happy Birthday to our Oldest grandson

Kreatita T said...

Very happy birthday for your handsome 7-year old!

A Mother...Again said...

Happy Birthday to Little Man! I love, love, lurve that 3 years picture! I totally LOL'd at my desk on that one...time really does fly. My oldest will be 9 this year...sniff, sniff.

InMyOwnStyle said...

Hi Larissa-

They grow up so fast - you gotta enjoy every precious second. My littlest one will be 21 next Monday.

My best- Diane


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