Feb 15, 2011

Dapper Little Man Bow Tie Tutorial

Every proper young man should have his own bow tie. This one is a legit- for real-actual bow tie. The little piece of elastic in the back makes tying it easier. This is a fairly simple project and take just a smidge of time. Then you will have the most dapper Little Man around.

What you will need:

1/4 yard fabric
51/2" piece of 3/4" elastic
coordinating thread
bow tie pattern

Cut 4 pieces from the pattern.

Match them in pairs, like sides facing. Pin together.

Starting at the neck band part, sew with a 1/4" seam allowance all away around the outside all the way back to the opening at the band part. This is where you will turn it out. Before turning out. Clip corners.

Turn out. Iron flat.

Fold in neck band ends about 1/2 inch. Iron. Then pin elastic into each end. You will want to pin in about 1/2"  on each end of the elastic. Leaving the length about 4 1/2". Sew elastic into place. For more security, sew another line.

I seem to have missed the final untied photo.

But you are done. Now grab a quick how-to on tying a bow tie.

source: google image search "how to tie a bow tie"

With your new skill, put it on the nearest most dapperest Little Man you know.

Then about die with how cute he is...

Seriously I HEART it.

Since I like a good coordinated set of outfits. I also had to make Littlest Little Man one of my ties.

Of course they wore it the Sunday before Valentine's Day. 

Could you just die at the sight of the back of this tie? LOVE it.


Unknown said...

So adorable!!! I have a little man who would need me to try this;) I would love for you to link this up at my new party if you have a sec:)

Tanya said...

Your kids are just far too cute! Great ties!

Laurel {Make and Takes} said...

oooh I love this! We're featuring fabric crafts over at the M&T Spotlight this week and I'd love for you to submit this - http://www.makeandtakes.com/spotlight

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

So cute! I am going to make one for my little boy.

Adri said...

I need to make some of these! Super cute! And of course so are your boys!

JennyKozar said...

Those kids are just too cute for words!

Dietlinde said...

waaw they are sow cute i love them

Stockhoff Family said...

Seriously love Cole's "before" and "after" shot. I was trying to figure out what he was thinking that first picture. Love that kid, he is just growing up way to fast.

Stefi said...

so cute photos :)

Unknown said...

Wow - so cute! I love that it's a REAL bow tie, that you have to tie and everything!

Anne said...

I love it!! I linked to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing:



Tara-ComfyandPrettyBlog said...

seriously love this

Laura Roth said...

Did you wash the fabric before cutting/sewing it?

Laura Roth said...

Sorry one more question...I am trying to make this using your directions and I'm unsure about two more things. 1) What is piece B for? You don't mention it in the directions but it's on the pattern. 2) How long should the whole thing be before it's tied up into a bow? I'm hoping that when I printed out your pattern it was to scale...it might be helpful on future patterns to have at least one edge with a measurement on it...? Thanks so much for your inspiring blog--I enjoy seeing and trying to re-create everything you post.

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...


Part B is just an extension of the tie itself. It will make the straight part of the bow tie longer.

I do wash the fabric before hand. That way if you need to wash it (air dry recommended) the it won't get too small.

As for the length...the only decrease in the original length of the pattern is where you put in the elastic...and that should only be about a half an inch on each side.

Thanks for the advice on the measurements that is definitely a good idea.


Unknown said...

How cute is that??? I can't wait to try it!!

Laura Roth said...

Hi Larissa - I finally made the bow tie for my little man, Andrew. I learned a lot for the next time I make this for him ;) The hardest part with turning the bow tie out once the 2 of the 4 pieces were sewn together...I finally got it turned out with a part of tweezers LOL! I posted a picture on my blog and linked your blog to my post...Thanks so much for the inspiration!

JoyandTren said...

This was a great tutorial! I finally made one today and I have a feeling my lil man is going to have a ton of these. Very simple but ADORABLE! THANK YOU! :)

The Gibson's said...

I just made these for my boys in Valentine print to match my daughters sack dress so STINKEN CUTE!!!!! Thanks so much for the inspiration!!! I love your Blog!!!!


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