Feb 8, 2011

Being a Momma

It has been a day.

You know, a day where nothing on your list gets done, so you add a couple of items onto the bottom just so you can cross them off...
get dressed
get boys dressed
changed a few diapers
slapped together some pb&js
kept the peace
separated a scuffle
gave a hug or two
cleaned up toys
cleaned up some more

A day where all you really get done is the Momma Jobs.

Not the wife jobs.
Not the housewife jobs.
Not the cleaning lady jobs.
Not the cafeteria lady jobs.
Not the blog/craft/sew jobs.

Just the Momma Jobs.

It's all good...

I like the Momma Jobs...

The pay is the absolute best...

sweet. grubby. ah-doring. squeezy. hugs.

lots of hugs.

So yeah, it has been a day.

A pretty perfect one


Stockhoff Family said...

The best kind of days and the only ones you truly miss.

Nyree said...

AMEN!! The days I never get my to do list crossed of are actually the most joyful ones!! There will always be crafts and projects to do but our sweet kids won't be kids forever....

Amanda said...

cute picture! Glad you had a good mommy day


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