Jul 18, 2011

Over at Lemon Tree Creations

I am over at Lemon Tree Creations today. Erin invited me to share a gift idea for Momma and new baby...she just had her own sweet little girl. I made this for our newest niece (no Melissa, I have not mailed it to you...I am awesome like that).

Go over and check it my tutorial for the monogrammed diaper carry all caseI...hint it is made from a placemat.  Tomorrow I will have the tutorial for the coordinating change of clothes bag.


Bellenza Wedding Bistro said...

Clever! Am thinking this could be a general (not just for diapers) carry-all gift item, too!

Cinderella, the A-Train and Our Little Caboose said...

Uh, I am obsessed! haha So cute Rissa.


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