Jul 25, 2011

Project: Road Trip-Happy Camper Vouchers

On the Road again, I can't wait to get OFF the road again...

I am pretty sure that is how the song was supposed to go, I'm just sayin'.

In light of our current cross-country move, and for the fact that I will be without a computer during said cross-country move, I decided to do another Project Series this week.

The theme this week is Project: Road Trip.

I am going to be sharing little projects that I have done in preparation for our oh-so-long journey across the United States. Since I am most worried about my sanity the comfort of my Little Men, the projects I am sharing are geared towards traveling with children.

Today I am sharing with you Happy Camper Vouchers. I read many different ideas of rewarding kids during a long trip, vouchers were by far my most favorite idea.

I decided to call mine "Happy Camper" vouchers. I designed them using all the free tools from picnik. Here are some of the vouchers I made.

I printed every voucher twice, since I am using this mostly for the older two. Once they were printed out, I cut them out. I put them in two different large mailing envelopes...one for each Little Man.

During the trip they will get to pull out a voucher when they have had prolonged good behavior, or if they do something really out of the ordinary, or show kindness to each other. Depending on what the voucher says, they will get to do one of many things. Either get a new toy, a book, cash, a treat at the gas station, to pick the movie, gum...you get the idea.

Prior to the trip, my boys were really excited about these. They knew some of the things they might get and others were a surprise.

I am excited for them to earn these on our big trip.

I even made a blank one for you guys. Just download it to your computer. Then you can go into picnik and insert your own rewards.

Good luck on any trip you might have before Summer is done.

Happy Trails to you, until we meet again...

Okay so I will be back tomorrow with another Project: Road Trip post.


Cinderella, the A-Train and Our Little Caboose said...

Great idea! Hope the trip is going smoothly!

Keri said...

oh my goodness what a fabulous idea. I LOVE this. thanks for the free download. I will be adding this to our roadtrip basket for future road trips. such a clever idea. happy and safe travels.

Maggie and Sheepie said...

I hope your net tutorial is the carried away dollhouse! Hint, hint!

Kat said...

This little series will be so applicable for us. We are headed out for our annual trip to CA in 2 weeks. I already have a lot of treats planned, like you, but I like the voucher system as a way for my little man to pick and earn them on the car ride.

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

Love these vouchers! So fun.


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