Jul 26, 2011

Project: Road Trip-Travel Folio Games

Okay, so right now we should be somewhere in the middle of our journey. Who knows were we will be at this point. Who knows how much sanity the parents will have left. Who knows how much exactly how much fun the Little Men are having. BUT hopefully we have filled all the bored moments with some fun activities.

Today in Project Road Trip I am sharing these Travel Game Folios. I got this idea from stitch/craft and immediately put it on my to do list. I changed it up just a bit. When I finished them, my boys were already super excited to be able to use them.

They are easy to carry. Easy to use. I used her idea of putting plastic in to make the games reusable. I printed off games and I printed off writing practice sheets.

I am going to run through how I made these just in case you have a trip coming up.

I used school folders for the base of my folios. It is a great time to find fun ones since back to school sales are going on. I found these at Target...where else!

I decided how wide I wanted my folios and drew up a pattern with rounded corners. The straight edge matches up with the fold in your folder. Tracing with a pencil will leave an indent that you can follow with you scissors when you cut it out.

They will look like this:

I also cute a small strip for each folder out of the scraps...that will be for the pen holder.

For the clear sleeve I used a page protector.

I cut the sleeve in half and then cut it to fit the inside of the open folder. Then I sewed it on either edge and then in the middle. The openings are on the sides.

After the plastic in in place, sew on the velcro on the same edges you sewed the plastic in place.

Next you attach the pen holder. Fold the small strip in a "w" type shape.

Now here is where you live you learn...my first time through I attached the pen holder on the outside. Temporarily attached the small piece to the outside front with scotch tape. Then I sewed in place. Talk about a PAIN, and it didn't look that pretty.

So here is attempt 1:

Then I decided to sew the strip into the fold at one of the sides. This was a lot easier to sew in place AND the stitches on the printed side do not show as much as they did on the white inside. You don't even have to add a pen holder.

I googled and printed of pen and paper travel games and writing paper. I found the ones I like, cut them to size and slipped them into the plastic sleeves. Add a dry erase marker or a washable marker, cut a piece of felt for an eraser and you are set.

Hopefully hours of FUN.

Here are some of the links I used for the games.

number tracing worksheets HERE
tracing paper HERE
connect the dot HERE
hangman and tic-tac-toe HERE

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