Oct 29, 2011

Man of Steel

 Do you guys remember this? Our very own Clark Kent...
This photo was for our Middle Man of Steel's party invite..which party is most likely 
going on while you are reading this...help me!

Well, behind Clark Kent is The Man of Steel.

The only Super in our house who can fly...a fact which he reminds the other Supers quite often.

With the ability of flight, comes the need for a cape of course.

I think our Man of Steel thinks he is the leader of all the other Supers.

With all his super powers, who can argue with him? Not me, that is for sure!

Whew, three costumes done...a feat I didn't think I could do. I am glad I did, because I am feel a lot safer with my own Little Supers. What house wouldn't be safe with their own Man of Steel, Wolverine, and Tiny Spiderman!


Melanie said...

Holy Moly...just when I thought you couldn't get any cooler. I love this one. :)

MacKenzie said...

First I must wipe away the tears because the Man of Steel is just not supposed to be 5 already. Sniff, sniff. Okay, moving on, I knew you were cool and amazing, it always feels like I am somehow giving myself a compliment when I say how great you are, cause well I am your Mom. Then I just remind myself you are way cooler then me so its OK!

Tasha said...

Can I just say that YOU are my Superhero!! Seriously. I am in love with all 3 costumes. How did you do it? You are amazing!!! (My boys are sitting next to me and are also in love with the costumes. They keep saying "go back" and "I want to see that again!")


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