Oct 29, 2011

Our Tiny Spiderman

Yesterday I shared our Oldest superhero, Wolverine. Today it is Littlest's turn. Our littlest Super can be found scaling walls, swinging from web, and combating evil with his AH-dorable face.

His costume has been done the longest. He LOVES it. When you ask him what he is going to be for Halloween he happily declares, "PIDERMAN!" Right after I made it he wore the hat for hours.

SO cute! I know I am biased, but seriously...has there ever been a cuter Spiderman...who knew utter cuteness was a super power???

Even a tiny Spiderman needs a six pack, just a tiny version!

Spiders everywhere, just in case you weren't sure who he was.

I did mention that his super power was cuteness, right?

Just try to resist!

Later today I will share our last Super...I think you guys might already know who he is...


Melanie said...

So talented....and yeah, he is pretty diggity darn cute. :)

Good Job lady!

Adrienne said...

wow, amazing...don't know how you managed to sew those costumes while being pregnant and settling into a new home. wow. those are awesome and i think my little guy would have been a very cute Spiderman too, but we went with Thomas the Train. i love how your costumes are unique and don't look like all the other superhero ones you can find at a store...very neat :-)


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