Feb 12, 2013

Hugs and Kisses Valentine Day T-Shirt

Only two more day until Valentine's Day.

After a lot of patience, my Little finally has his own Valentine shirt. He saw me make Oldest's Love In NYC shirt and Middle's Heartstopper shirt.

Every day he asked me, "Is my shirt done?" "Are you making my shirt now?"

Today he got his shirt. Yippee! Doesn't he look excited?

 I knew I wanted something simple. I had more flocked t-shirt vinyl from Expressions Vinyl. I loved working with it so much on the Heartstopper tee, I started brainstorming how I could use it again.

I came up with this Hugs and Kisses design.

I very simply just typed "XO" five times in one row. I made five rows. I then made sure the image was the width and height I wanted. Mine measured 9" tall and about 7 1/2" wide.

Since this is for a t-shirt vinyl, before you can cut the image out you need to flip the image horizontally.

Then the image gets cut out of the vinyl with the Silhouette. I cut away one set of "XOXO" from the bottom corner.

So when I peeled away the excess this is what the main image looks like.

Then I took the cut away piece and peeled out the letters, creating a stencil.

After ironing the main image on according to the instructions, I put the "stencil" part down and ironed it very, very briefly. Basically iron it only long enough to get it stay in place but not to be permanent.

Just using it for a stencil.

I wanted a little Valentine's red pop.

So I painted the stencil "XOXO" red. Tap, tap, tap-a-roo. Tap that paint in place.

Now here is a "get real" moment.

After the paint was on, I went to pull up the stencil and I had a little mishap. I was just a tad impatient and didn't wait for the paint to dry. Some of the red paint got on the white shirt.


Oooh I was so mad. So, so mad.

Thank heavens for teeny tiny brushes, a somewhat steady hand, and white fabric paint.

It is not perfect, but it hides my little faux paux.

With my oops practically invisible, Little's Hugs and Kisses shirt is all ready for Thursday.

 So super duper cute.

The t-shirt is kind of cute too!

Man I could just hug and kiss that Little guy all day.

A perfect tee for my huggable kissable Little Man. I am not sure I can convince him to wait until Thursday to wear it.

Thanks for reading.


Corrie- said...

This is ADORABLE! You should totally have an esty shop for your creations...I would buy them!

Anonymous said...

love it! can't wait to see Bean's!

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Corrie you are so sweet!

Me too Megan, me too...I am just hoping I will get to it.

Johnson said...

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