Sep 10, 2013

Teacher Gift: An INKcredible Year

School is in full swing and a bit of the newness has worn off.

In fact, most of us have moved on to Fall and Halloween projects.

However, I just couldn't completely say good bye to Back to School projects without showing this fun Back to School Teacher Gift.

I created this Excited for an INKcredible Year tag. I used PicMonkey's new School U. I am IN LOVE with the penmanship fonts available. AND don't even get me started on the dotted lines. Why I do believe I love them more.

I bought a bunch of pens.

I took a few canning jars and decorated the outside with decorative Duck Tape. Then I loaded the jars up with pens.

Then I attached the tag with a strip of fabric.

So easy AND it isn't too late to still wish your new teacher a happy school year (plus maybe earn some brownie points).

Here is three versions of the same tag--
One for black pens, one for blue pens, and one for red pens.

I know so many delightful options...okay so maybe only three...but hey options are
options, right?!?

Just right click and save which ever tag you like.

Happy Back to School!


Eat. Sleep. Make. said...

What a cute (and really useful!) idea! Thanks for the printables. Pinning this! -Jen

Corrie- said...

You earned an A for effort, those are adorable. Man, I wish you were at my school!

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Thanks Corrie and Jen!

Corrie I wish you were a teacher at my school too!


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