Mar 23, 2011

Plates, Projects, Pimples, Photography

Oh, my!

What is with the random post title? You might be asking yourself...

Well first, I hung up some plates. This is not the first time I have hung up plates on a bare wall. I might just heart myself a good plate collage. It totally accessorizes a plain jane wall. When it comes to hanging plates I am totally of the school of thought that random is better, see the random splattering of plates?. Which I found out later, hubby is not of the same school of thought. Oops. Haha, oh well he puts up with me.

It is staying up...cause I like it...I just need to fix the little "springy" sound that comes from the plates every time one walks/runs/jumps/talks/breathes. Again, sorry hubby.

My little plate decorating is one of the only projects on my schedule this week. My project list is pretty minimal this week. Not that it should be because I have TONS to do, but I am pretty much in a just sit on my fanny and read a book-go to a friends house-watch a movie kind of mood. Since Littlest Little Man's bday is coming up quickly I really can't be lazy for too long. However, I am pretty sure I am going to stretch out my laziness up until the last second.

I think that this time to be lazy will be good for me...I think everyone should take just a little time to be lazy. I definitely go in cycles of being too busy...mostly of my own doing...and then getting stressed, which lead to cryface days. Sometimes I am really good at recognizing the signs of my too chaotic life, other times it takes me awhile. Case in face has been breaking out like I am a 13 year old girl. Pimples, I have TONS of pimples! I just figured it was you know....that time of the you know what...hormones...but then when the one week time period (pun intended) turned into well four weeks...I knew I probably should assess the situation. 

So yes, it is definitely a good week to be a little lazy.

I really want to just curl up and read some books. I love reading, but I haven't done it forever. I will be honest I LOVE a good fluff read. Don't get me wrong I do enjoy a poignant, dramatic, life-themed novel, but when my time is short and I am in a lazy mood, I LOVE a fluff read.  Something CLEAN. Something funny/romantic and spellbinding. I love getting hooked. I have about exhausted my own library. Any suggestions blogging friends???

I have also decided I am going to spend more time reading "how-to" books. I am craving knowledge. I want to know how to do the things I love and do them WELL. I want the skills, baby. My first "how-to" is to learn to use my camera. I know it is a photography sin to own a fancy camera and only use the auto. Forgive me. So that is next on my to-do list, to not be a photography ignoramus. I am lucky enough to have been given a photography how-to to review. I can't wait to read and then share with you my new skills.

I do have a lot of really fun ideas floating around in my head. My brain is practically on overload with some good project ideas. After my little bout of laziness I will excitedly share all of Little Man's Bday and all of my other projects with you.

I know...try not to die from excitement....hehehe.

I will have a recipe up tomorrow, something yummy of course.

Now off I go to slather my face in pimple cream!


Natalie said...

Finally... a little lazy time. You deserve it woman. You make me smile and I heart your face.
Your extremely awesome little sister (NOT MacKenzie :))
P.S. For a little light reading may I suggest "Where Willy Went" tee hee... I would add the rest of the title, but you would probably judge me. Let's just say it taught me a WHOLE lot.

Cinderella, the A-Train and Our Little Caboose said...

I just may steal your plate idea. I love it.

Hope a little R&R treats you well! Love ya

Samantha {Moody Mama} said...

Love the plates so pretty!

enjoy a good book or two - relax and take a deep breath! everybody needs that :)

I'm with you on the how to use my camera thing! I have a nice camera and I'm stuck on auto too!

HeatherD said...

K-I have the perfect author. You can cruise through one of her books, and you will because you can't stand to put it down. Heavy on the romance but clean. Anything by Marcia Mcclure. A Crimson Frost or Heavenly Surrender are good ones to start with, but all of them are so so good.

ColleenandKendra said...

Over spring break I read the first two books in The Hunger Games series--the first is The Hunger Games and the second is called Catching Fire. I LOVED them. Intruiging plot, action packed, and even has a little romance. It is technically a "young adult" novel series, but I find that those are the only ones I can find that are clean enough for my taste. The first two in the series were so good---usually I can't let myself read when school is in session, but I won't be able to wait to read the third one until summer!

Steffanie said...

Arrghh.. the Hunger Games... my little sis coined them, "the best books you'll love to hate". They are awesome, but terrible. NOT a light read in my opinion.
If you've never read any Janet Evanovich (one for the money, two for the dough, she's up to 16 now..) they are hilarious, light, action packed, fun, romantic to a frenzied degree, all together awesome series! My favorite books of all time. You will laugh out loud, I promise!
Enjoy the down time! We all need it!

Maggie and Sheepie said...

Read...what's that? Free time with little ones...what's that? Before, I really liked Nicholas Sparks.

Val said...

Pimples? I received a lovely present of pimples for my 35th birthday last week. And an age spot (I swear it wasn't here two weeks ago. Hurmpph.

I read the Stephanie Plum books when I need a laugh, too. Meg Cabot's Size 12 Is Not Fat was a quick enjoyable read too. I think...I was in the hospital (and on percocet) when I read it. Enjoy your "me time"!

Stockhoff Family said...

LOved the plate idea!!! Were you one of my darling kids on whom Proactive worked?????

Nyree said...

You craft crazy woman, you definitely need some lazy time. I'm excited to see what comes of the partay!


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