May 29, 2008

Just the Two of Us

Cole went with Spencer today up to Akron so that he could have a special visit with Gram and Papa. That left just me and Jack. It was a weird feeling to be down to one kid. It was a little overwhelming for me. I was surprised that I got so anxious watching Cole leave. For most of the day Jack just repeated "Coley" over and over again. He was so sad to not have Cole there. It broke my heart. After his nap I decided we were going to go have some one-on-one time.
I took Jack to walmart and got a really "healthy" picnic dinner and then we drove to one of our favorite parks. I was amazed that he sat down and ate anything with the park tempting him, but he did eat a little, guzzled his strawberry milk (hence the above picture), and then we were off. We went on the swings, went down the slide, and then went on a run. The run was the cutest part. He would take off and I would run right by him. I would ask him if it was a race and he would say "no". I would ask him if he was winning and he would say, "no". I would then ask him if we were just running and he would say, "yeah".

Then we ran closer to the woods and we could hear, and then see, some squirrels. He got so excited, and then decided that was what were going to do the rest of the time. He would run to different wooded areas then put his finger to his mouth and say "shh". We would stand still and listen and when we didn't hear anything he would say "no" and then run to a different spot to repeat the process all over again.

It was such a good afternoon. I think I take him for granted. With Cole it was just Cole so there was only one-on-one time. There are still a lot of times that Cole gets that individual time with us. But I am realizing that Jack may not get that same time. The good news is he doesn't expect it, but I hope I learn from today and start giving it to him anyway.

May 27, 2008

Weekend Redemption

First of all, thanks to all the sympathy we have gotten for our camping adventure. So it is a good thing that we got a three day weekend to redeem the camping trip. Monday by far redeemed a not so enjoyable weekend. We went to a BBQ at some friends house...and they always know how to throw a party. Besides delightful food, the highlight was watching the boys play around in their bathing suits. Jack didn't really enjoy the water part since it was a little cold, but Cole LOVED it. I was so proud of him because water hasn't always been the most fun for him. He was super brave and just got right in and played, whether it was the sprinkler, or the hot tub. I did have to roll up his shorts because no matter what I do I cannot keep pants on that kid. He was plumber crackin' it most of the afternoon. As you can see in the last picture, most of the kids were in the hot tub. It was a riot. I am pretty sure most of the water ended up out of the hot tub, but the kids didn't care. SO thanks to the Halls...I am pretty sure you are the best ever!

May 25, 2008

Happy Campers?

So for the first time since we have been married, we went camping. Spencer thought I couldn't do it...well I showed him. It isn't that I am against camping, it is just I don't know where to start. We got asked to go with some families from our ward, and I was pretty sure that we were going to be the least prepared/knowledgeable ones there. I would have made a lot of money had I bet on it. I called my friend who set the whole thing up and got my list. I got us all packed and ready so that all we had to do when Spencer came home was load the boys in and go. It almost worked out that way. We got the boys in and then realized that Spencer had the tent and air mattress that we had borrowed in his work car, AT WORK. Oh well, what can you do. We drove the 20 minutes to his work, after our short WalMart stop for a few camping essentials (hot dogs, strawberry marshmallows, Cheetos puffs, and a lot more junk). We showed up at his office and right as we drive in Spencer mutters a very ominous, "oh crap". It is at this point that he realizes that his work keys for the car our at home. Oh joy! Spencer's boss has keys, but he was one of the families camping and he was already there. SO instead of going back home we called AAA thinking that would be faster. Not so much, even though they said they would put a priority on it because Spencer was a Doctor (we decided not to let her know it was a PhD).

Finally we were on the road. And ya know what, everyone had a blast. Cole and Jack were dirty from head to dirty little toe. We had so much fun letting them run around. We played some badminton (which Spencer and I lost miserably--all my fault) and volley ball (i redeemed myself there). It was so much fun to be outside, and the dirt didn't even bug me. We were thinking we were going to turn into avid campers...BUT

Then night came. The boys actually went down fairly easily, but right before all the adults turned in, someone came and got Spencer and I at the bathrooms letting us know that Cole was screaming and freaking out. We got him calmed down and sighed with relief because he didn't wake up Jack...yet. Let's just wrap this up by saying that between 12 am and 4 am Jack and Cole took about 30 minute intervals of waking up and freaking out. It stopped at 4 only because Cole finally was good and asleep and Jack decided to just stay up. Yeah I am pretty sure no one wants to camp with us again...even though they assured us they did. All I know is that Spencer was packing up our car at 7:30 saying, "it took us 7 years to go camping, and it will be another 7 before we go again." I don't think that is really the case, but it sure wrapped up how we both felt after a horrible night.

And in a side note, you might be asking yourself, "hey where are the pictures to accompany this delightful tale?" So for all my organization, the one thing I forgot, yup our camera. Oh well what can you do!

May 15, 2008


Yes I realize it appeared that I had dropped of the face of the planet, well never fear, I am still here I was just crazy busy. So here is a kind of mass blog about all of the goings on that have kept me from my faithful blogging. SO forgive the many blog entries within a blog entry, but it is kind of like getting behind in journaling. In fear of getting so far behind and giving up all together you just bullet point the last little bit of your life. So here are my bullet points/photos. Enjoy, and I am sure there will be more soon! LOVE YA ALL!

So yeah, I started a garden! Who knew, the girl who can' t grow anything has decided to be a grown up and grow some veggies. This is the first little garden patch with broccoli, spinach, lettuce, and onions. Hopefully more will follow soon.

The biggest culprit to me not getting my blog done is FAMILY HISTORY. That is right folks, I got the bug. I was in a big hurry to get a lot done because I wanted to take names with me when I went to Vegas for Corey's wedding so that we could so some work as a family. BOY howdy has it been fun/challenging. has become my new friend. PS the above is a picture of my dad.

Natalie came to stay with us before we went to Vegas. I love having her here with me, plus she was a big help on the flight out there, since Spencer had to stay home and work.

That is right, Corey GOT MARRIED in the Las Vegas Temple! This is him and his new wifey Jenessa. It was a pretty cool day. Four down, two more to go....but we got time!

So I just included this one because I love my dad's face. PLUS as you can see my sisters and I wore matching dresses. We said that we were Corey's bridesmaids. AND below is the cutest little ring bearer ever. He got to wear a tux for their ring ceremony. He kept calling it his Texas. So cute


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