May 6, 2019

Soda Teacher Appreciation Week Tags

Elephant in the room...yes this is the first blog post I have done in like a year and a half. Also, it is gonna be a short one. Ha.

I am coming to you today because it is Teacher Appreciation Week and I LOVE Teacher Appreciation Week. I posted a photo of one of my gift ideas on Instagram (@larissaanotherday) and before long I had several request to make the tags available to print. So I got my fanny in gear and put it online.

I had seen a similar idea to this but with alcohol instead of soda. I thought right away about how appropriate this was for at least one of my little men. He is a little bit of a cute wiggly handful. I knew I had to make these for our teachers Since I am not a drinker and neither are my boys' teachers, I had the idea to attach a gift card to a soda shop. I made two sets of tags. The first set of tags have a space to attach a drink shop gift card and the second set was made to attach to a single drink.

Download Printable HERE

Download Printable HERE

Hope that helps some of you out! Whew I am exhausted from all this blogging. Happy Teacher Appreciation Week.


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