May 27, 2009

Mad T Ball Skills

Cole officially started another year of tball. The game has been stepped up. Who knew that from 4 1/2 to 5 they would have to bring up their game skills so much. We have gone from last year...organized chaos, the whole team following the ball, every batter every base, and kids sitting in the dirt and twirling TO...every player in their position, hands on knees in ready position, organized plays (some of these little teams are really good) and tagging and making outs. Yep we are already halfway to the big leagues here!

Cole has had a couple of games, but we finally remembered to bring the camera last time. Spencer was a little "sports photog wanna be" and took like 150 pics. I am posting some of our favorites.

Cole is trying really hard to run faster, pay attention, and hit the ball really hard. He has a lot of fun and is working hard.

Happy Cole, before he noticed pic being taken
Grumpy Cole, after notice pic being taken

Eye on the ball...concentrate


Run Cole, Run!

May 20, 2009

Baby Blessing

This Sunday we blessed Case. For all those who live here, no you didn't dose off during sacrament and miss it. We like to bless our babies at home. We did it with Cole because of the time of year and the fact that RSV was pretty popular that year, and it was so special and tender that we just continued it.

Spencer's parents were able to drive down and be our family here. We missed all our other family who couldn't make it. It was beautiful and he slept right through it just like a trooper.
The day was beautiful and it is moments like this that make all the crazy sleepless nights and rather chaotic days worth it.

I am grateful to be a mom and to have a wonderful husband who is a loving and patient father. I am grateful he is able to bless our children. I am grateful that I have these three wonderful and beautiful boys and to be a part of this forever family.

May 15, 2009

Time to Get Out

We got out for a much needed trip on Wednesday. We went to our zoo. I managed to work out, make lunches and get me and all three kids ready by 9:30! I was pretty proud of myself.

The boys really enjoyed the zoo. Cole took it on hyper drive, running from thing to thing. Jack was mesmerized by everything and wanted to take his time. Case was snuggled up in a carrier and slept the entire four hours!

Here are some pictures of my favorite moment. We took the boys on the carousel (because they wanted to). Both started out happy...but only too soon did that change. Cole became terrified quickly and my friend Jenny had to lift him off mid ride and hold him the rest of the time. Jack was note as terrified and just kept repeating, "too scary, too fast". Finally I had to lift him off and put him in the bench beside me. My poor boys.

Happy Boys on Stationary Ponies

Cole Freaking Out On Moving Pony

Jenny Saves the Day

Jack Freaking Out on Moving Pony

Bench Saves the Day

On a side note...Cole wanted to get right back on after it was done because it wasn't that scary.

May 9, 2009

In CASE You Were Wondering

Obviously by my clever title, this post is about Case. This is a long over due post about our littlest funny to think of the days of the first one, I am sure I would have posted a ton of posts by now.

Enough mention of other children...this is supposed to be dedicated to Case.

He is doing well and growing tons. He eats like a dream but does not sleep enough to let me dream. He seems to be soothed by the chaos around us, in fact he seems to enjoy it. We have enjoyed taking the time to take a lot of pictures of him this week and thought it would be good to share them with you.

Our Snugglesaurus
(ps my friend Jenny made those shoes)

Fell asleep eating and would not wake up.
Finally put him to bed.

Looked so much bigger today in his
little man outfit.

May 5, 2009

Makes Tough Days Worth It

I am barely getting showered these days...a first with motherhood. I am witnessing a lot more sibling fighting these days. I am getting less sleep, less organization, and less sanity these days.
My house is not clean. My tummy is still flabby. My list of to-do's just keeps getting longer. I am only rotating between four outfits. My knee is not working so well.

BUT I have great friends who take care of me.

AND there are lots of moments that make it all worthwhile. This was one of them:


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