Feb 15, 2016

Basket of Sunshine {with Printable}

Is anyone else ready for Spring yet?


I actually don't mind Winter. However, here in Idaho Winter comes early, hits hard, and lingers. So about the middle of February I start longing for Spring. In fact, in these here parts of the woods if we have a day in the low 40's we leave our coats at home and some even brave a pair of shorts (mostly adolescent boys).

So yes, I am ready for some sunshine and Spring.

Speaking of sunshine, today I have this fun and easy Basket of Sunshine idea for you and there is a free printable.

We used this basket of sunshine as an act of service. We had a person in our neighborhood who was going through a tough trial. We wanted to let him know we were thinking of him. So we went to the store and gathered up a cartload of yellow things.

Some of the things we chose:

-box of Golden Grahams cereal
-snack size bag of Golden Oreos
-Lay's in a canister
-bottles of Fanta pineapple soda
-bags of microwave popcorn
-small bag of Peanut M&M's

I spray-painted an old crate we had bright and sunny yellow. Once it was good and dry, we loaded up the crate with our sunshine goodies. I tied a bit of fabric around it and attached the Sunshine tag.

Save the image of the tag to your computer and then you can print it off in the size you need.

This really is a fun way to brighten someone's day and to get out there and offer a bit of service. My kids really became invested in this little service project. I love service like that. Plus you guys know how much I love myself some color coordination. 

Feb 9, 2016

O"FISH"ally The Best Valentine

I have another classroom valentine idea for you today. This O"FISH"ally The Best Valentine is not a new idea, but I made up a new tag. I used bright colors and fun fonts. This valentine is great for Goldfish crackers or Swedish Fish.

Since this little Valentine is for a bunch of preschoolers I opted for the Goldfish crackers.

The printable is all ready and available for you to use.

Download printable HERE

I cut out my tags and simply stapled them onto the bag. SO EASY!!

I have already shared our SODA The Best Valentine and our You're So Cool Valentine this year. I have one more to share and then our little clan will be all ready for Valentine's Day 2016.

Feb 8, 2016

Statement Valentine's Day T-shirt

We call this face his I am too cool for Valentine's Day but I am still gonna celebrate it smolder. Before we talk about this Statement Valentine's Day T-shirt that is perfect for your tweenager boy, can I just say, when in the crappity crap did Oldest start looking like a mini man??

Remember when he looked like this-

Well you may not. You may have never known that tiny face with huge chocolate eyes and eyelashes for days. But man, this Momma remembers. This Momma is also finding it really hard to admit that the above pictured 6 year old could really have turned into this almost 12 year old.

Sigh. Time does march on. I am getting old. Babies grow up and turn into tweenagers (I am denial about the very soon TEENager label).

Speaking of tweenagers, lets get talking about this Statement Valentine's Day T-shirt before I start blubbering. 

This is the last year that Oldest will really celebrate Valentine's Day in the have a party and pass out valentine's way. When you are in your last year of elementary school, you are still technically part of the fun, but excitement is different. They are older. They are cooler. 

When I approached him with the idea for this shirt, he was immediately on board. He liked that it was simple. He liked that it was ironic. He liked that it was pretty funny. 

So I whipped out this Statement Valentine's Day shirt in like 10 minutes. So easy peasy.

I used heat transfer vinyl and cut it with my Silhouette. The font I used was Bauhaus. The T-shirt was from The Mart and was under $3. Happy dance for that folks.

Iron it on.

Now the in house tweenager is all set for his school Valentine's Day party. And it would appear that even he is pretty happy about it.

I am sure this laugh only came because someone farted, but I will take it.

Happy Valentine's Day! Remember, head over to my post Boy Approved Valentine's Day T-shirts if you need more ideas.

Feb 2, 2016

You're So Cool Valentine

It's is February.  Time for some more classroom valentines. Every year I stress that I am officially out of valetine ideas. One of my favorite ways to spark ideas is to hit my stores party aisle. I peruse around and just let my brain wonder. This year I found these sunglasses and immediately jumped on the emoji band wagon. I made these You're So Cool emoji valentines.

Whew. One more classroom valentine done.

I have four classroom valentines to make this year. It will be the first and only time I will have four to make. Next year Oldest will be in Middle School and will be too cool to hand out valentine's.  I have already shared his tweenage approved Valentine for this year over at Skip To My Lou.

But today it is all about this valentine, which Little is not too cool for. In fact, he is just the right amount of cool.

I found these sunglasses at The Mart (Walmart if you don't know my lingo) in the party department. They were super affordable.

I made up this valentine using PicMonkey, and made it available in a pdf.

I attached the sunglasses with a little thread and some tape on the back. These were super fun, super easy, and very kid approved. Short, sweet and to the valentine point.

Download You're So Cool Valentine HERE.

Two down, two to go.

Do you need more classroom valentine ideas? Check out this post of Boy-Approved Valentines.


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