Nov 22, 2008

I Heart Vampires

So first off thanks to my friend April's blog so that I could use this picture. I was being technically unsavy and I could not download any other picture. Second off, yes I have seen "the" movie!
I was lucky enough to go with a great group of women. We grabbed a bit to eat and then snuggled down excitedly in our chairs for the show we have been counting down forever. I will be honest in that I did not have high hopes for the movie. The trailers left something to be desired for me where Edward was concerned. FORTUNATELY, I was very pleasantly surprised. Setting aside some cheesy moments, a room full of teenage girls gasping and giggling, and two moments of creepy eyes by Edward, I REALLY enjoyed the movie.
I won't comment too much on the movie, because well that is just rude to those who haven't seen it yet...NATALIE and K (hah-hah). However, I will say that I would watch it again, and I could be accused of getting a little twitter-patted in the movie. SO, while nothing truly compares to the book, the movie was a really enjoyable "real-life" version.
Just in closing, I have to thank Amy for ending my night on a high note by making four of us rock simultaneously in her car in order to get it started. True friendship is when your friend asks you to rock back and forth in her car without explanation, you automatically do it without even thinking about how idiotic you might look! Good Times!

Nov 18, 2008

Did I Make It Obvious Enough???

Yes we are having our third little boy. Overall there is excitement in the family. Cole was visibly upset when the doctor pointed out the little boy part. I am not sure that he believed him. After making all his calls to grandparents he has embraced the idea of having another little brother. Jack doesn't care yet!

Thankfully this little man was very photogenic and cooperative and flashed the doctor like four times, so there was no mistaking he was a boy.

It has been a very good day, and I feel very blessed to being adding to our family. I am excited to be the mom of boys...handsome boys at that. Our wee one is "kicking" his agreement that I am lucky at this very moment.

Thank you for all of your excitement, and really besides missing out on buying a mass amount of girls clothes, I could not be happier!

Here is our first traditional "we just found out what we are having" purchase.

Nov 15, 2008

Boy or Girl?

Okay everyone the time is drawing closer to find out what this new (and most likely last) wee one will be.

Spencer got all technical and handy and put a poll on the website. He was pretty proud of himself, but I realized if I didn't post anything new people might not see his addition to our family blog. So to help him out here is a new post.

Feel free to "vote" and share your insight into the sex of this new baby. Cole insists it is a girl, and when he calls it a she and then I remind him it could be a he, he says, "for now, mom lets just say she". Child intuition or logic in thinking he already has a brother shouldn't he now get a sister?

T minus 3 days!

Nov 5, 2008


Okay, so before any of you can call me that, I will flat out say that I pretty much sounded like one in the last post. The sun shone a little brighter today, I snapped a few pictures, realized that I am being a big wah before any of you roll your eyes at seeing this picture and reading my lamenting words from yesterday...just know I roll my eyes at myself, AND I am pregnant, throw a girl a bone. So PROUDLY (not in the vain way, I am just trying to be positive), here is me at hey 19 weeks now! Love ya all for your pep talk, patience, and love.

Nov 4, 2008

18 Weeks...and counting

Okay so here is the prego update--

First off, I was going to include a picture, but on the days I felt half way decent about how I looked there was no time to take a picture (I know how vain!). I feel myself slipping into the slump of no return where my looks are concerned, so I decided to stop waiting for a prime opportunity to take a picture and just go forward with the 411.

So I am a little over 18 weeks pregnant. We will find out what the little guy...oh wait we don't know that for on November 18th. No I really haven't found out early, we are just projecting the most likely sex of this wee one. We are really excited about the new addition to the family.

The anticipated arrival is sometime the last week of March to April 2nd. I was induced with the other two a week early and anticipate the same. We have heard the heartbeat several times, which gives me a calming peace of mind.

SO that is the gist. I am doing pretty well now, the beginning was rough, but thanks for all my friends for not thinking I was too crazy out of my mind or out of it. We will keep everyone updated on the grand arrival. Oh and eventually there might be a photograph...I said might.

Nov 2, 2008

Da Nuh Nuh Nuh BATMAN...and Robin

Trick or treating was a blast. We went with some friends, which always fuels up the kids. Cole was ready to go from the beginning, Jack was not thrilled to put on his costume for the third time. So we had to let him pretend to drive the car (his big thing lately).

The weather was perfect. All of our kids were so cute. My friends' kids costumes were amazing. One was a hand sewn Jasmine costume, then we had princess Aurora, and leaving the most amusing for last, we had a baby Elvis, white bodysuit with gold sequins and everything. She was by far the hit of the neighborhood.

We had a really good time, and we already have the costume idea for next year...good times.
One holiday down, several more to go!


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