Aug 13, 2008

The Little Things

I have spent a lot of my energy lately feeling bad about what I haven't accomplished, whether it be the amount I get done in a day, or something grand that I can claim. So I am putting my foot down about this nonsense! From now on I am going to acknowledge all the little things, and yes even the not so little things, that I accomplish and I am going to give myself a mighty cheer!

I would guess that I am not alone in feeling this way, which is crazy because I know all of you and I know what you do...SO I suggest that you all put your foot down too. Recognize how glorious you are and give a mighty holla! Everyday take time to make a list of the things that you do to keep those around you running. I am pretty sure you will find that all of those little things you don't acknowledge add up to some pretty grand accomplishments. You do laundry, you do dishes, you do diapers, you do your hair, you hug your kids, you teach them why saying "butt" is not a good idea, you sweep, you mop, you cook, you clean, you stop cleaning to play with your kids, you lose at Candyland, you watch a baseball game with your hubby, you fulfill your calling, you pray, you serve your friends. See! I told you that you do a lot.

If today all I did was make some loaves of bread, well lucky us because aren't they yummy! YEAH ME!!!

Aug 8, 2008

THE Ohio State Fair

Yes the "THE" was intentional. Everything is the Best in Ohio, or so we have been told by the countless Ohioans who never seem to be lacking in state pride. We decided to take an afternoon and go to the Ohio State Fair, which yes we had been told was the best in the nation. Well, I couldn't make the claim on the best, since the only other state fair I have gone to is Utah's (and to tell the truth I only went there to see Rascal Flatts), but it was a pretty fun fair.
We met up with our friends the Baldwin's, who have claimed the boys as their surrogate grandkids. They had been staking out the fair since lunchtime and already had picked out some spots the boys would like.

We saw a GIANT lego train set, I couldn't believe how cool it was. Yes that is corn made from legos!

We saw all kinds of animals, much to Jack's delight. We thought the horses would be his favorite, but he seemed to enjoy the rabbits and the baby chicks most.
Cole's only request for the evening was a ride on the ferris wheel. Spencer and I were a little shocked because he is not normally a ride person. We went as a whole family, and Jack's was the only one who didn't care for it.

I was all economic and health conscience and brought a packed lunch. Unfortunately, by the end of the night we could no longer fight of the glorious scent of fair food and we caved and got some corndogs! Nothing like a good fair corndog! HOWEVER, something that we will never be trying is this:

Can you say, "EW Gross!"? We saw this walking out and thought it was picture worthy. I am not sure who would eat this, but I guess I shouldn't knock it until....okay so I just don't think I can ever even joke about having it! Nothing like going to a fair.


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