Aug 27, 2019

Back To School Teacher Cookie Gift Printable

I know for like 90% of you, school has already started so this post is not going to help almost anyone this year. However, I have had a couple of people ask for the printable tag for this Back to School teacher gift and this seemed the easiest way to share.

So I am once again blowing the dust of my computer and making this tag available via ye old blog. Maybe I should have said "ye olde blog" to be more official. Ha.

Back on point...For back to school I gave our teachers a mason jar stacked with homemade chocolate chip cookies (link to recipe to follow) and I attached this little tag that plays off of the book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.

I printed a few off and then tied them to the cookie filled mason jars. They were really easy to throw together and were a big hit. Just make your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe. If you are still looking for one, I really rather enjoy the recipe for My Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie.

Once your favorite (or my favorite) cookies are cooled, stack them in a mason jar or package them up however you would like and then attach one of these tags. I am pretty sure your kid will get A's all year long. 

Download HERE

Aug 9, 2019

Won Ton Chicken Salad

Before I get to this ever so delightful Won Ton Chicken Salad recipe and what an easy show stopper recipe it is, allow me to share some thoughts. Although I am not sure who reads blog posts anymore.

I am not sure if I really plan to jump back into blogging. I often think about it but I have been out of it for awhile, and even when I was "in" it I was loads behind what was necessary to be a successful blogger.

There is a lot that goes into putting out a blog and I am not sure whether the monetary or time investment is really right for me. When people ask me if I miss blogging, I almost always have the same answer. Not really, except that I miss that it GAVE me a reason to be creative. I really enjoy putting together a pretty meal or finding a really great recipe. I adore throwing a party. I like decorating my home. Blogging gave me an excuse to focus more time on all that.

I also like to read, rest, and watch a good chick flick. AKA I enjoy a bout of laziness. Like down time is necessary for my emotional and mental well being.

Add all that on top of now working almost full time. I can accomplish a lot in a little amount of time, but I absolutely can not do that on repeat. Blogging requires me to do that on repeat.

So back to the original conundrum. Can I really get back into blogging? The content, the posts, the collaborating, the negative, the positive, and everything else. Heck, my blog itself needs a technical revamp. Links are missing. Graphics are missing. Every time I see it I panic for a second and then go, "Eh, oh well." Definitely not the appropriate blogger response.

As I type this out I have had three of my family members ask in shock, "Are you blogging?"

So yeah. It has been awhile. But today I am writing. Here is why--

One of the things I ALWAYS loved sharing was recipes. I like food. I like pretty pictures of food. I like sharing food. So it was always easy to post about food. So today, I am posting this recipe for Won Ton Chicken Salad.

I have actually posted this recipe on the blog before. Alas it was before food staging and good cameras. So the post is SUPER sketchy. When I had a friend over for a girl's lunch recently, I took a couple of photos of this salad in all of it's yummy goodness (because that is what I do). I realized that I wanted to post about it on Instagram but I didn't really have a good post to link to.

So here I am busting out the computer, opening up blogger and actually typing it out. I even have a printable recipe (Not a widget link because well blogger doesn't do that. Refer to the aforementioned lack of blogging technology.).

What can I say about this salad? Well first it is good enough to bring me out of the once-was-a-blogger crypt and publish it. That alone should say something. But seriously, this is a pretty light tasting salad. The textures are to die for. The combination of chicken, lettuce, almonds, and green onions is delightful and then you add those amazing little won ton crisps and I can't even. The dressing does not overpower the salad, but definitely gives it a little bite thanks to the pepper and the rice wine vinegar.

So if there is anything you get from this very reflective post, hopefully it is at least this recipe. Like I said, I have been making it for about 15 years and it is always a crowd pleaser. 


May 6, 2019

Soda Teacher Appreciation Week Tags

Elephant in the room...yes this is the first blog post I have done in like a year and a half. Also, it is gonna be a short one. Ha.

I am coming to you today because it is Teacher Appreciation Week and I LOVE Teacher Appreciation Week. I posted a photo of one of my gift ideas on Instagram (@larissaanotherday) and before long I had several request to make the tags available to print. So I got my fanny in gear and put it online.

I had seen a similar idea to this but with alcohol instead of soda. I thought right away about how appropriate this was for at least one of my little men. He is a little bit of a cute wiggly handful. I knew I had to make these for our teachers Since I am not a drinker and neither are my boys' teachers, I had the idea to attach a gift card to a soda shop. I made two sets of tags. The first set of tags have a space to attach a drink shop gift card and the second set was made to attach to a single drink.

Download Printable HERE

Download Printable HERE

Hope that helps some of you out! Whew I am exhausted from all this blogging. Happy Teacher Appreciation Week.


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