Feb 3, 2010

Boys, Boys, Crafts for Boys

This month over at MADE and Made by Rae they are celebrating all things boys. I am so excited. I have said before that there is not as many cool crafts for little boys as there are cute ones for girls. Being the momma to all little men I am SO excited to see what people do this month. Make sure to check out these sites...when you stop by Made By Rae, check out the first set of photos and you will see my robot invites! They got a little shout out. Check back here too because I will be adding some more little man craft ideas.

My little man craft idea today comes from the upcoming birthday party for my oldest little man. Parties for little men are hard to do because so much out there is either ugly or only for girls. This year my little man asked for a miniature golfing party (whew...the first time I am not having to do a major party set up...aka robotmore robot, Blues Clues...just some of my crazy parties. It feels a little refreshing)

There will still be a little decorating at home, a cake, and goody bags. Send invites out (nothing to original this year), CHECK. Make Golf Birthday Banner, CHECK.  Banners are super simple to make and they can go with any themed party. I bought felt craft sheets in the colors I want to decorate and then sewed away. 

Do you need a banner made for anything special like a birthday, a Superbowl party, Valentine's day, a Thursday? Here is a quick how-to.

Little Man Golf Birthday Banner

First, pick your colors. I picked mine to go with this cute argyle pattern paper I used for his invites.

Now gather your supplies:

3 sheets of four different colors of felt (12 sheets total)
1 single fold bias tape in coordinating color (4 yards)
thread in coordinating color

Next you will need to cut out 5- 5x4 rectangles out of each sheet of felt. It will look similar to this--

After all you have all your rectangles, find the middle of the bottom edge and with your mat make a straight line from the bottom middle point to the upper outside edges. Cut. Repeat on other side. You will now have a triangle.

Keep going till all of your rectangle are little flag shaped triangles.

Whip out your bias tape. Measure in 8" from the left edge. This is the starting point for your first triangle.

Pin the top of the felt triangle flush with the underside of the bias tape.

Pick your pattern and keep pinning. You can either pin the entire way across the bias tape, about 12 feet or you can divide the biased tape in half and create two banners. I pinned 15 flags then left a 12 inch gap and then pinned on another 15 flags, making sure to leave another 8 inches on the end.

Start sewing across the top of the bias tape. Sew all the way across the first set of flags.

At the end of the first set of flags, sew down to the bottom edge, following flag shape.

Continue along the bottom side of the bias tape until you reach your starting point. Repeat this with the other set of flags (continue along the entire length if you didn't leave a gap). Finish both ends by folding under 1/2" and then sewing across.

Now you have a decorative banner for any party. In this instance I can already hear my little man yelling, "FORE!"


Darcy said...

Super cute. Definitely will make that

Cinderella, the A-Train and Our Little Caboose said...
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Cinderella, the A-Train and Our Little Caboose said...

made a cute birthday banner for Noah's birthday this weekend..it turned out cute...but I didn't use felt. That one is super cute! You love felt! And now you are the tutorial queen. Pretty sweet.

Dave Dyk said...

So cute! My little guy decided (as of this week) he wants a camping theme party. Luckily, we can do it at a park so it will be easy schmeesy!


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