Feb 8, 2010

Eskimo Kisses Valentine Bag

Even boys want a cute valentine's bag.  I came up with this idea for Jack. I call it Eskimo Kisses. I love how it turned out. Jack carried it around the entire day...which only caused me to freak out a little at the thought of ruining it before our Valentine's Day party.

Yes, I think my favorite part is the little kiss mark.

I am working on Cole's now...his is named I am just a Love Machine. I am sure you have a guess as to what that might be. I was supposed to finish it this weekend, but we had far too much fun as a fam with all the snow we have gotten...

Introducing our homemade SNOWcones.

Grab some FRESH snow. By fresh I mean the very top layers...this really only works if it has snowed several inches. PS I am aware that some might say the snow is still dirty...don't pop my bubble or dash my kids dreams...I/they love it.

Find your hidden kool aide stash. I made two different flavors, and I halved each. If you are making some for a crowd, don't half the pkgs.

For 1/2 pkg of kool aid add 1/2 cup sugar. Then add about 1/2 cup-3/4 cups water to make a nice sugar syrup.

Pack snow into a small cup.

Pour syrup over snow.


We are supposed to get more snow this week. Yay.


Michelle said...

Ok, snow cones with kool-aid is about the most ingenious and easy thing I have heard of! Wow, I spent 9 years growing up in Utah and never did that! Sad! Also, I love the Valentine's day bag. You are so creative and I remain impressed that you actually get all of these projects done with THREE little boys! Amazing!

Jessica said...

What about us poor souls who live in states (texas) where it doesn't ever snow? Will you ship some this way? :)

mamagale said...

We enjoyed your Easy Mango Chicken recipe for the second time yesterday--LOVE IT! All my picky eaters plus two guests snarfed it down --I was bummed not to have leftovers for lunch but that's the price you pay for serving food people like. Thanks, and keep the recipes coming!

Amanda said...

you're amazing. I don't know how you do it all!

The Gilbert Family said...

Hey if it isn't on the cars, road, house, etc. why not?

Stockhoff Family said...

Well Rissy, that was a little flashback to when you all were younger. Good call on it being new snow and towards the top, because you just never know what may be lurking down there. I'm also quite happy the snow has been your visitor and not ours! Love you sister - pops.

Katie said...

Nice idea! I have a recipe for snow cream if you ever want to try that my kids always loved it and so did their friends after they got over the fact that it was made from snow!


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