Feb 24, 2010

Clarifications on the Crazies, Lies, and Wednesday Around the House: Have Easter Eggs Will Decorate

Whew. Anyone else exhausted after reading that title. 

Okay first things first: CLARIFICATION. I am not crazy. After a motherly phone call from well, my mother, looks of "are you insane?" from my friends, and a hubby worried for my mental stability, I feel I need to clarify. This little crafting adventure will NOT be an everyday occurrence. I am not going to craft myself into an early grave. Neglect my sweet boys in an attempt to get something crafted/posted everyday. Or any other number of things that would surely happen if I focused primarily on crafting. 

Each day will have a theme, BUT I may not post on that day. This week will be a little different because I have little things to post every day. So all of my loved ones concerned for me, relax and remain calm. I am not that crazy.

On to the Lies...are ya all still with me? 

Okay so other concerns came from a lack of family stuff being put in this blog and, again the crazy thought to make another family blog...that would make my blog total 5. When repeated to myself, yes that did sound a little crazy. SO here is the solution...the boys blogs will become private and family and friends who want to still have access to them shoot me an email, but I will still have family stuff in this one from time to time, because lets face it, they are the reason I do all this stuff, so they were still going to be in it anyway. SO I lied when I said this was switching from a family blog to a crafting blog. It will be a crafting blog with a side of my sweet family.

I am exhausted from all the typing...hopefully your eyes have not fallen out of your head from all the reading. It would a shame to miss my Wednesday Around the House part of this marathon post.

I had grand plans for these plastic eggs...

...grand plans aside because my spray paint just wouldn't adhere.

So I left the plastic eggs as they were and I used yellow spray paint on these...

Have plastic eggs, will decorate...

Easter Table Decor
yes a little early...just planning ahead

I had plans to paint them in less pastelly colors (not really my thing), but it didn't work this time around. The paint would have totally adhered to the paper eggs, but they were A LOT more. So .67 a bag later, I decided pastel table decor would work this year. 

Upon seeing it my oldest little man said, "Mom, it looks great out there!" And yes my heart melted.


Stockhoff Family said...

That's my girl. I love you, Mom

Heidi Dyk said...

Glad to hear you aren't crazy. Just so you know, my descriptor word for you has always been "amazing." Love your blog. :)


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