Feb 17, 2010

To My Oldest Little Man

Today you are 6.

When did that happen?

We are snowed in today. You have had school cancelled all week, which is the perfect present to you. So far on your special day, you have had chocolate muffins for breakfast, watched one of your favorite movies, had a lunchable, and played video games. Indeed it is a special day.

I asked you to list 6 of your favorite things since you are now 6--

1. playing video games,  the new Super Mario Brothers is your favorite
2. your friend Tanner
3. your family, especially baby Case
4. tacos, although you did say you like all kinds of foods
5. Night at the Museum 2 and Aladdin are your favorite movies
6. you like making your brothers laugh, especially when they are sad**

**To this Jack said, "I like when I cry and fall down and Cole makes funny faces at me."

My favorite 6 things about you--

1. you love to read
2. you are a big helper
3. that one dimple
4. your great laugh
5. watching you with daddy
6. you know Jesus and Heavenly Father love you and listen to your prayers

Happy Birthday to My Oldest Little Man


Darcy said...

Ah, happy birthday! I love that he makes faces for his brothers when they're sad... and that his brothers recognize! Super MArio on th Wii is my fav. too!

ColleenandKendra said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Cole! We miss you and love you!

ohiolanges said...

Oh, I love that Tanner is on his list of faves. I know the feeling is mutual! We tried your snow cone recipe today - Tanner loved it. Thank you!


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