Jan 7, 2011

Braided Sweater Scarf with a Side of Poms

I love a good scarf to drape around my neck. Something that keeps me warm and fuzzy and is cute to boot. 
I just made this to add to my scarf collection...

It was inspired from this scarf I found at Ruche (ps LOVE that site). Since I don't knit, I immediately started brainstorming how I could make myself one.

Then I found this long sweater cardigan worn when I was prego with Littlest Man. I did a little dance, literally. I realized right away this would be the perfect thing to make into a dreamy braided scarf.

there might be more projects coming from this sweater too

After picking up some coordinating yarn to make the delightful pom-poms for the ends, I went to work.
Just in case you have a long sweater hanging about, I am going to give you that basics on how to make it.

Cut 6 strips from your sweater. 4" wide and the longest you can possibly get. I got about 35 inches per strip.

Make your self some floofy pom-poms. Here is a link when I made them for a party hat, to make big ol' poms, wrap the yarn around your palm instead of two fingers.

Pair up your sweater strips. Giving you 3 pairs. With right sides facing sew one edge together, giving you a really long strip.

Repeat for the other pairs. Next fold each strip in half, lengthwise with like sides facing. Sew up the edge. Turn out. This will give you three long sweater tubes.

Starting at one end, pin three strips together wide and flattish (totally a word) and start braiding. Not too tight, you want it to be chunky. Sorry no specific picture for this. Don't ask me where it went, tis a mystery...oh that is right I didn't take a picture. Oops.

In order to fasten your poms to the bottom of each side of your scarf, there needs to be a couple strands of yarn that stick out.

I simply threaded a larger needle with yarn and looped the yarn through the middle.

I pinned the poms in place, folding the longer strings in between the flat ends of the bottoms of the braids.

At first I tried machine sewing them in place...BIG mistake, at least for my sissy machine. Your Popeye of a machine may be able to do it.

I ended up hand sewing them in place. In order for them to be REALLY secure, I hand sewed the entire bottom edge closed, back and forth several times. This seam is hard to see so don't worry about being perfect, just get the poms snuggly in there.

Then you have an absolutely de-lightful scarf that just might make your hubby say, 

"You made that?"

"Why yes sir I really did."

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Cole's Corner said...

How cute!!!

Anne said...

Love, love, LOVE!! I linked to your tutorial at Craft Gossip Sewing:


Holly Wilcox said...

That is FABULOUS Larissa!!!
It my be one of my favorite crafts so far!

Papgena Made It said...

I saw you on Craft gossip!
I have to say it's beautiful!
Thanks for sharing!

Alayna said...

I think I am going to have to go to the thrift store and find a sweater that I can do that with. So cute and easy to. I will be able to put it to very good use right now. We haven't hit 20 degrees in about a month.

ColleenandKendra said...

Now THAT is cute! Too bad there is no way I can make that. First...no sweater. Second...no time. Third...no talent! :-)

Stephanie Rose said...

This is fantastic! Really love the length - I might have to search thrift stores for old sweaters!

Kalleen at Second Street said...

Fabulous! I love the braided look and a good refashion. Thanks so much for sharing.

Christina said...

Wow, that really looks great. I would have quessed it for a very expensive scarf. Impressive!

kiki comin said...

i love this. what a great idea!

Anonymous said...

Cute, cute, cute!!! You should have like 100 comments because this is a-dorable:)


Susannah said...

amazing! Thank you so much!

I would love you to come to my blog:


Elizabeth said...

I found you through the Handmade Linky party.
That is really really cute! I'm bookmarking it on my list of gift ideas.

Patti @ Pandoras Box said...

Well Done!! I have seen this done with wool sweaters and then boiled to shrink and felt it, but you need much longer strips and real wool.

Molly said...

I loved that scarf when I saw it on the Ruche site as well. This is a fantastic version of it! I love it!

Mique (as in Mickey) said...

I saw that scarf and thought the same thing.
I'm so linking this up to FB & Twitter. Thanks for linking up to my Pity Party!

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Thanks guys for all the love of the scarf. I have hearted wearing it.

Unknown said...

Love the braid! Come on over and link up to MMM :)

Aubree said...

Thanks so much for stopping by Yellow Blackbird. I love this project. So creative and cute!

Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

Aww, that is so fun and pretty! I love the playful pom poms. Thanks for the how-to, I'll be linking.

Holly Lefevre said...

OH MY! I ADORE this! I have a sweater or two from prego days left...I think I know what I am doing!
504 Main

Jess said...

Super adorable. I don't have a sweater to cut up and don't knit but I do crochet. I think that I will crochet myself some strands to braid. Thanks for the inspiration.

Christie // lemon squeezy home said...

This is so great, Larissa!

Anonymous said...

Super cute scarf! I think I'm going to have to make one soon. Thanks for the inspiration!

Lisnaweary Quilts said...

Im going to have to hunt down a long sweater and make one of those! Brilliant tutorial!

Rachael @ The Little Birdie said...

OMG I LOVE this!! Digging in my closet as we speak.... ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi! I love also scarfs and this is just the most wonderful! Great idea and you have made it lovely!
Wishes from Crete! Teje

AmyH said...

LOVE it! Thanks for auditioning for American Crafter!

Unknown said...

This is so stinkin cute! I love Ruche as well:) I came across your blog from 30 days and I think I have looked at every post!! I love it, looking forward to following!

Leigh the sewing diva said...

That is beautiful! wonder if it would work in fleece as i would love to make a pink one.

Sam said...

I love this scarf - I need it today in the sub-zero midwest!

I linked to it on my Weekend Links post today - thanks for sharing!

Linda@CraftaholicsAnonymous said...

LOve this scarf! sweater + scarf = <3 Great job!
happy crafting!

Unknown said...

This is beautiful! I love this :) I wish I could make one for myself.

Jessica Sorensen said...

I loved this the moment I saw it in the auditions. So glad you were picked for American Crafters.

Jessica-Mommy Creations

Heather - Dollarstorecrafts.com said...

Cool! I am posting about this on Dollar Store Crafts on Tuesday. The link will be: http://dollarstorecrafts.com/?p=10368

Thanks for the great idea!

Melanie said...

Wow! I love this idea. Can't wait to make one! I am now a follower.



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