Jan 20, 2011

Love is in the Air

Cupid has been to my house. For those of you who have been with me awhile, some of these decorations look familiar. In fact some of my very first tutorials on my crafting-for-all-to-see-blog was for the polka dot pillow, the XOXO pillows, and the L-O-V-E banner.

I added a few more lovelies to the decor.

This ruffly goodness is one of my favorites-

I added another pillow with dots to tie in more of the theme...pink and red of all sorts-

I also added a super simple heart garland-

The rest of the decor all resurfaced from last year-

Okay, except I bought new candy...

Oh wait, this was new...

My lucky Cricut-owning friend came over and we had a vinyl cutting party. Mostly for my new organized laundry room, which you most likely will see next week. HOWEVER, while I had her hostage I also had her cut me out some cute Valentiney sayings to simply go over already hung up pictures.

It was so simple and quick. If you have a vinyl cutting machine I am jealous pick a couple of little phrases. Slap them on your cutest family pictures.

I choose:
and heart shapes

AND if you are wondering, no I do not decorate for every holiday, but I almost always have a Valentines' Day party for my Little Men so it is always a good excuse to decorate. I know you were shaking your head at me saying, "crazy lady". 

I have a couple other Valentines's Day crafts/decor for you next week too.

I know, you can hardly wait.


Sarah@sweetpeaandjojo.blogspot.com said...

Love those pillows!!

Jen said...

everything looks so pretty.

Jen said...

Ok I am in love with those pillows. They are super cute. :)

Mila said...

The pillows are seriously amazing, but everything as a whole looks great.


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