Jan 23, 2011

"Super Boy" Birthday Present

Middle Little Man had a bday party to go to this past weekend. 

I knew about it for awhile, but did that stop me from procrastinating the purchasing of a present? Duh, of course not.

To make a really long story (which I have been told that I can tell) short, I found myself asking hubby at 8:30 in the morning the day of party (ride was coming at 10:30) if I should run to The Mart in my jams or if I should whip up a present. 

He supported me whipping up something, glad to know he has confidence in my sweet skills.

Here is what I came up with after once again rummaging through my fabric stash...

One Super Hero Cape for one Super Boy-

Of course it must have his initial on it...

I needed a model to take a picture. I had instant volunteers.

In the true spirit of procrastination, I also had nothing to wrap the present in, well except leftover Christmas paper.

So with barely time to spare, came this little pouch to tuck his cape away in for when he is walking around as his alter ego.

Now I just need to sew three more, since my Little Men don't want to be left out of the hero fun.

1 comment:

Laura Roth said...

This is super adorable! Will you be sharing the pattern or let us know what materials you used?


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