Jan 30, 2011

In a Nutshell: Recovery and Get 'er Done

This year winter has been rough sickness wise. I mean really it is like a nasty chain reaction around here. Wee One and I seem to be always the most affected and the longest lasting. Yuck. 

This week started with Wee One, Hubby, and me wrapping up the sicky train.

Most of you might know when Little Man is sick, this happens-

he is in our bed, yup that is where he sleeps
sorry for the lame picture, I was NOT about to wake him up with my flash

When Wee One gets sick, he is well how do I say this nicely...a little more demanding and umm spoiled. Which means that I end up getting no sleep, lots of stress, and one of these babies-

see the cold sore...yeah I am pretty sure I have been getting these every 3 weeks 
thanks Little Man
oh and I guess stress also makes me where no make-up and look like I have gone
through the ringer

With everyone getting over being sick, of course I had mountains of this to get done-

clothes, blankies, bedding, more clothes

 Then everyone was recovered and life seemed all dandy and back to normal. Unfortunately no one told our garage door opener. Friday hubby left for work and the garage door opener decided to make some pretty terrifying noise and then just die. Which meant that for now we had to manually lift up the door...I mean I know people used to do it all the time, but has anyone done it recently. That sucker is HEAVY.

After one time opening it, I immediately morphed into a 1950's housewife and demand that my big strong manly hubby open the door every time I needed it. Including when I came home from a Girls' Night Just Dance Party at 11:00 at night. Hehehe.

PS that game is AWESOME.

Okay back to the garage door.

We were really worried that this was not going to be something we could fix, therefore pricey and inconvenient. I had a friend a couple of years ago do research on fixing a garage door and she found over and over that most people strongly recommended that it should not be attempted on one's own. Something about springs snapping and ripping off limbs.

So I was a little worried when hubby said he thought it might be fixable by him since it didn't have to do with any of the springs. I kind of like hubby with his arms.

So hubby spent the day taking apart the opener, assessing the sitch, getting parts, and putting it all back together-
hubby saving us tons of money by being all Mr. Fix-it

Hubby aka Super Fix-it guy fixed our garage door. Woohoo. Garage door 0, Hubby 1. That's right we won. I am back to lazily pressing a button in my car to get the door to open. Thank Heavens.

I am not going to lie, it was a stressful week. I may or may not have eaten my feelings a lot this week. I may or may not have eaten my Valentine's Day decorations

Oldest Little Man finally noticed the depleting candy levels and said ,"Hey I thought we weren't supposed to eat these!" Head hung in shame I said, "No, no we weren't".

Here's is to a healthy and much more relaxing week. Well as relaxing as the Three Little Monsters Men will allow it to be.


Rose said...

*comes out of lurking*

I'm featuring your blog this week on my sunday six bloglist- this week's theme is family!!


Tanya said...

Sorry you had such a rough time...but getting busted on the Valentine candy made me giggle. We're in full sickie mode here, too, so the laugh felt good.

Amanda said...

:( sorry for the craziness. I hope this week brings easy-breeziness (yep, a word)

Michelle J. said...

I admit we've eaten our Valentine cookie dough and now I will have to actually MAKE cookies, or go buy some more. Decisions, decisions.

Elle Belles Bows said...

Your post made me laugh out loud! Love that you ate the Vday candy! Kerri

Abbie said...

I hope everyone there feels better soon. I totally eat candy when I need a pick me up. Ethan has the fever and just started throwing up...looks like it is my turn.

Kristi said...

That sounds like my house too! With one in elementary school, one in pre-school, and a toddler in nursery... we're sick all winter!

Steffanie said...

Yeah.. been there, still doing that. We too have been doing the rounds on the sickies this winter. (Me, Hubby, 7yr old son & 2yr old son..doncha love sick wee ones?) We just recover and another round hits. I feel for ya!
Hope you recover soon! thanks for the fun posts!

and PS....share the candy with the sick kiddies! they'll make more! ;-)

Jacki said...

I used to get cold sores all the time too but I started treating them with tea tree oil...putting it on a q-tip and dabbing it on the cold sore...whenever I could remember during the day. It went away pretty quickly and then the next time I got a cold sore it was sooooo tiny. Haven't gotten on since and that was a couple months ago. You couldn't even see the last one. :)

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Thanks everyone for the sweet thoughts. So appreciated!


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