Jan 26, 2011

Hooo Loves Ya Baby: Valentine Tutorial

Oh this little guy makes me happy. I saw a toy like this in a magazine, except he wasn't represent'n (that's right I pulled out my gangstah) my man Cupid.

I knew right away I needed to take a mental snapshot and make a version for myself all done up Valentine style.

So I did, and of course I am gonna share the love. After all it is Valentine's.

What you need:

four color coordinating colors of Valentine colored felt
white felt 
black felt scraps
yellow felt scrap
coordinating valentiney print, not even 1/4 of a yard
hot glue
My Hoo Loves Ya Now pattern

Cut the following:

aprox 40 circles (pattern), 10 of each color

2 belly pieces (pattern), 4 strips measuring 2 1/2" by 8 (mine were originally much longer, so ignore the picture)

4 flowers, 2 red, 2 white and 2 black circles (pattern)

4 feet (pattern) from one of the the felt colors

Whew...okay now that that is all done...

oh wait, cut out a little triangle for the beak, sorry no picture of that...

Okay now let's put this sucker together...

First layout your circles to see where you will want them and in what color pattern, mine is pretty random.

Make stacks of your rows of dots to keep them in the order you want.

Start at the bottom, making sure the dots hang over the edge about half way. Pin and sew on.

Continue each subsequent row, working from the bottom to the top. Once you get to the top, DO NOT sew these circles on. Place them where you want them and then run a line of hot glue running left to right in the center of the circles. This way there is a "fringe" of feathers on the bottom edge of this row and the top edge sticks up too.

Now for Mr. Owl's face.

Layer the red and white flowers on top of each other, like this. Place the black circle in the middle. Sew the circle in place. 

Sew the eyes and beak in place. Sew the beak on first so that it lays behind the eye feathers. Sew the eyes to the main part by just sewing in the black circles. It is cuter if the eye feathers are ruffly.  

On to his feet.

Sew the feet onto the end of each leg strip. You will have four when all is done.

After you have folded feet up like the above picture, place leg and foot combo right sides facing together. You will have a pair. Pin together. Sew around all but the top edge.

Clip corners on feet so they will turn out better.

Turn out his little legs.

Here is where you can see just how "too much" I had. Stuff the legs/feet. Make sure to leave 1/2"-1" of fabric at the top. I had to cut off a lot of excess since mine were too long.

Lay the owl face up. Place his legs in the center on top of his little face.

Pin his feet inside the main pieces.

***make sure to fold up and in all of the little circles so that they do not get caught in your seam**

Sew all around the outside, leaving a 2-3" opening to turn out.

Stuff your bird with fluff. Make sure he is could and fat. Hand sew the opening closed.

Now set him in a pretty place to show him off, or give him to your favorite little Valentine.

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Jen said...

This is so cute!:) We miss you guys.

Stefi said...

super cute

Sam said...

Total cuteness overload! the legs are awesome!

Taylor {Sew Much Love} said...

So cute! My daughter would love him! Thanks for the adorable tutorial!

Cheryl Marie said...


Mimi said...

Adorable! That cutie could put a smile on anyone's face!

Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

This is SOOO cute! The colors are fantastic, what a great gift idea! Thanks so much, I'll be linking.

dizzytina said...

He is adorable i just love owls tina x x

I {heart} Nap Time said...

Oh this is SO cute!! I'd love for you to link him up at sundae scoop!

:) said...

Oh this is so cute, I love it. I can't wait to make this, Thanks for sharing this great idea.

Lindsey said...

I have never boon to your blog before, but I love it! And this little owl is SO stinking adorable! Thank you for the wonderful tutorial!

Anzouya said...

That is so cute! I’ve add it in a Valentine’s Day Crafting Ideas roundup on my blog with a ink back here:
Thank you for this incredible idea!

andriani retno said...

super cute :)

Unknown said...

Hi Love this and all your posts! I tried downloading pattern to make for my little guy but it comes up blank. What am I doing wrong?


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