Jul 24, 2013

A Pinteresting Wednesday: Fold Over Clutch

Welcome to A Pinteresting Wednesday.

Um...I love this clutch.




When I saw this tutorial on Flamingo Toes, I knew I needed to make this and make it soon. I pinned it to my Projects To Do board.

Then I came across some left over fabric from these Tote Bags  I made for our teachers at the end of school. Right by that was some left over faux leather...known more affectionately as puh-leather.

The clutch was practically begging to be made.

This bag could really be made in one afternoon if you have everything on hand and as long as you are not tackled by wild couch climbing monkeys...aka my Little Men...

Since I was occasionally accosted by crazy couch climbers and I was short a zipper, this project took me two days total.

Once I had all the supplies gathered and a quite afternoon thanks to Cub Scout Day Camp, this clutch was made. Oh how glorious.

I love the fold over feature. It makes the bag super trendy. The corner details are quite lovely as well. That is where I used my puh-leather (ps I do know it should be pleather...just clarifying).

I used home fabric and duck cloth to make this bag. Since I used these materials that are heavier than cotton, I was able to forgo the interfacing that she calls for in her tutorial.

This clutch is perfect for a date night with The Hubby or girls night out. My wallet, phone and lip gloss (you know the essentials) fit snuggly inside.

Zip it closed, fold it over and bam, I am ready for a fun and fashionable evening on the town.

I would highly recommend this tutorial. Super fun and pretty easy to follow.

Another Pin down. Only...only...oh who am I kidding! There are way too many pins to count and I just keep adding to my Pin Boards every day.

Don't you just love Pinterest?

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Eat. Sleep. Make. said...

Super cute! I love the chevron fabric you used. Where did you get it? -Jen

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Jen, I got it at JoAnn's. It is actually outdoor fabric!

Shanea said...

Super cute! Love the bright yellow with the chevron...great job!

My Recent Favorite Books said...

Love your bag! Such a cute idea!! =)
You did a great job!

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Thanks Melissa!!

Unknown said...

I love love love Bevs clutch, too.
And now yours! :)



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