Jun 17, 2008

Welcome Back Aunt Melissa

So Spencer's sister Melissa got home from her mission in Hong Kong this last week. Her flight was originally supposed to come in Friday night at 11:00, but she didn't make her last connecting flight so she got stuck in Chicago! Everything turned out okay, although you all know me and I was ready to pack up the car and drive to Chicago to get her, but everyone else calmed me down. The good thing about her flight being delayed until the next day was that the boys could go with us to pick her up.

Jack was only two months when Melissa left on her mission, so he obviously didn't remember her at all. We made this cute sign for Jack to wear and surprisingly enough, he kept it on the entire time.

Cole was carrying another sign and we put them right where people come out, so that she would see her signs right away. Cole remembered her so getting a hug was no problem. However, Jack had to be bribed with a sticker and some candy. He warmed up soon enough, okay well as warmed up as Jack gets. We had a great
weekend with them.

It is always fun to be there when a missionary returns home. I can't even begin to imagine it from their point of view. I will say this though, that Melissa was one of the less "weird" return missionaries. She seemed to adjust to life around her pretty quickly without too much shock. Although Spencer thought he was funny to suggest that the first movie she watch was I am Legend. Yeah right! I don't even want to see that one again!

So here is to Aunt Melissa being home. We know
she was a great missionary, and feel blessed to have her example for our family. We love you Aunt Melissa!


Holly Wilcox said...

Good to hear she is adjusting just fine. Cole is so cute. He looks so excited!

Stockhoff Family said...

Melissa looks so good. Tell her Hi from us. you are right it is so amazing to have a new missionary come home. Love you all, Mom and Dad

Michelle said...

I love that sign Jack is wearing! What a cute idea! :)

Jenny said...

What a sticker and some candy can do...gotta luv children. Seriously, the sign Jack is wearing is the best! And I think the first movie she should see is Hellboy--wouldn't that be more appropriate for a RM? :)


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