Oct 21, 2008

Our Past Week of Autumn

Leading up to the bday event we had quite a few fun fall days. On Thursday we went to the pumpkin patch with Cole's preschool group. We had a great time. It was wonderfully chilly, I loved it...except for the fact that I only wore a sweater, my bad. Overall the day was marvelous, we only had one mishap when Cole lost one of his brand new shoes in a deep pile of hay at the end of a slide. If it weren't for a sweet lady helping me, that shoe might be lost to us forever, OR a couple of random kids might have been yelled at (these were kids that kept barreling down the slide while I was at the bottom looking for the shoe. They would ask what I was looking for and then climb back up to the top and shoot right back down. Lovely!).

Cole's Class

Cole on the Wagon Ride

Cole GQ'n it

Jack not enjoying the Hay Barn

Happier Now

Friday I had a day off from babysitting, so Spencer decided to take the day off as well so that we could have a family day. We decided to drive a little south to the Hocking Hills area and go hiking. It is a beautiful area, and even more beautiful in the fall. The boys had a great time, and we had a great time watching them enjoy themselves. It was a special treat to get to have a family day in the work week. The boys loved the time with dad. We went on a couple of different hikes. Cole insisted on having a walking stick, even though it was bigger than he was. One of the hikes ends in a big pond area and the boys spent quite a bit of time throwing rocks in. Dad was the main attraction with his ability to skip the rocks. I came in a close second when I was willing to dig up bigger rocks so that they could heave them in. It was a great day.

Hocking Hills

The Boys

Mom and Cole in a Cave

Jack Resting

Cole Throwing Rock In


The Brugger Bunch said...

Your pictures are so beautiful! I love that tiny little blazer!! Fall is so much fun!

Jessica said...

What beautiful trees you have over there! I miss those.

tara said...

seriously, the blazer...is that kid a physics professor all of a sudden? awesome. i think we need to live in the same town so that you can be my personal party planner/fashion consultant/workout buddy...what do you say? sounds good to me. nice work, buddy. good luck with everything.
ps i think we're sticking with norah for the new little one. hope you don't mind. you're great!

Ben said...

as cute as this family outing is (which those pics are totally darling), ya gotta be honest on the reason for the day off. Spence needed a little family-time therapy after the Y's heart-wrenching loss to TCU the night before... :) I don't blame him!

Jenny said...

Hocking Hills looks like a lot of fun...and beautiful. Maybe I can drag Scott out there some time for a little "hiking" ohio-style!


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