Dec 9, 2008

New Favorite Obsession

This is going to be a quick, probably short lived post, but I just wanted to share one old blog and one new blog that add to a new obsession. I have always dreamed of what I would do to this room or that room. Sometimes before going to bed at night I fantasize about how I could assemble my dream house. During frivolous day dream, there is no price to my imaginary house. On more practical poor days I imagine my house with frugality in mind.
I will admit that with a shortage of funds, and more things on my priority list, my "imagination redecorating" had gone on away. BUT my friend Vanessa and her awesomeness rekindled a little creative spark within. Her blog V & CO is really something to behold. She is amazing and has the best eye. What makes her amazing is that she can redo anything and make it look classic beautiful. PLUS, she is so willing to share how she does things. There are even really easy tutorials to show you how. OH and she sews too! I have not attempted any big project yet, but with a little more self-pep talk, and yes still need some funds, I am hoping to accomplish some great things. SO STAND BY.

Through blog stalking Vanessa, I was led to another site, which led to another site, etc. CK Interiors might be a new point of envy for me. While not everything she does in in my style, lets just say that 95 percent is. If you have some time to sit on your fanny and dream of what could be, take a look. The only bummer with this site is that because she is an actual interior designer, she doesn't give how to's. She gives great ideas and shows great pictures. BUT the rest is up to you being able to figure it out.

I am sure my decorating prowess is going to still be predominately imaginary, but I am hoping to take some inspiration from these sites and make some magic happen with the talent and dough that I have. ENJOY!


Stockhoff Family said...

Um...super cute. You were right, I totally love it! It helped cheer me up today...that and wearing my high heels around the house. I love you.

Holly Wilcox said...

I have already been inspired! Thanks for sharing that website. I'll definitely be trying a few of her ideas. She is pretty amazing- doing all that with her husband away and she is so frugal! I like that.

I just came on to get your smoothie recipe. We'll be making them for our morning snack.

mamagale said...

Hi Larissa,
I ran across your blog through Jacqui (Whiting) Child...hope you don't think I'm a blog stalker... You have a beautiful family! Scott and his wife had our first grandchild last month. You can see pictures on my blog and theirs. This is a fun way to catch up.
JoAnna Gale (your old MiaMaid advisor)

Dave Dyk said...

Oooo, I loved looking at the blog links you posted. Thanks! I've got another one for you that'll eat away at all the precious moments you may have left in a day. She's got great pics of recipes, home projects, etc and it's pretty amusing to read. Hope you enjoy!


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