Feb 26, 2009

Making a Robot Factory

So here is the decoration low down for the robot party. Remember those boxes that I was supposed to turn into something fabulous? Okay well, this is what came out of it.

NOW there are far less box robots produced that I had planned, but a prego girl can only handle so much spray paint!!! So decoration idea number 1 is using old boxes, some paint (whether it be craft, spray, or house) and turn your old cardboard into a bunch of robots. These robots were created with spray paint in the colors of the party and then detailed with craft paint. Add some craft foam for arms and you have an army of robots.
Decoration idea number 2 was to make the house look like a "factory" by putting cogs all over the place. My cogs were cute out of paper plates and craft foam. The plates by far are the cheapest (well if you get them at Walmart) but you can't always find all the right colors, in comes the craft foam. I free handed mine, hence the lack of perfection. Cut out tons of cogs and place them in all the rooms you want to decorate.
Number 3 was not my shining moment of pride, but it works...and could be done better. We had a robot factory where found robot parts were put in a little slot and then each child went in a "door" and came a robot. It is so easy to make rooms, rocket ships, factories, okay anything really, out of plastic table clothes and craft paint. Just tape it up to a wall and POOF you have an instant party decoration or game.

And Lastly, number 4 was the decorating of the table. Again, using plastic table clothes from Walmart is the cheapest and easiest way to set up a table. I used one for the bottom and folded the other for the runner. Then I just had cheap plates and napkins in the colors that matched the party. Using candy to decorate is also a fun cheap way to add something to the table. I used licorice in coordination colors (thank you Amish Country).

So there you have it. Pretty stinking easy and cheap. All it takes is a little time and thinking outside the box.


Amy said...

You should create a blog with just birthday ideas. You are so crafty! If I ever hear someone say they don't know what they are doing for their kids birthday party, then I'm sending them to your blog.

V and Co. said...

wow an i'm all excited that i just made a cake and put some flags up...amazing!

Stockhoff Family said...

Pretty stinkin fantastic. I still think it would have been rad to dress Spencer up as a giant robot, but that will be for Robot Party part two. I love you lady.

Dave Dyk said...

Great job, Larissa! I love all your ideas. :) I am hosting a party next week for my friend who just finished with chemo and am wishing i had you here to help me decorate. We'll see what we can do without flying you out (oh wait, could you fly this late in pregnancy? oh, oh, just kidding!). *sniff, sniff*
I am sure Cole had a wonderful time at his robot party! Lucky guy! Oh, and happy birthday to the big 5 year old!

tara said...

wow, i know i say the same thing every time, but DANG girl! you're nothing short of amazing. this next little zitzman is so lucky to be born to you soon. good luck and happy birthday to cole!

Jenny said...

Just so you know--having a 2 month old (noticed how I rounded high 'cause I'm praying you go earlier) will not get you off the hook of helping me plan Ali's par-tay. Oh, and didn't you tell Natalie that the robot costume that Spencer wore was for "later?"
And finally, wanna know what's most hilarious...my word verification is "coggy" that's what happens when you make a bunch of coggs for a robot party and stay up until 4 a.m. decorating. Used in a sentence: Larissa went a little coggy getting ready for Cole's b-day party.

Michelle said...

Larissa, I am in awe at your creativity and talent! I hope someday I can grow up to be like you! Wow! Those robots are AWESOME!!! (I also love the color of paint you have on your walls). You are seriously amazing!

ohiolanges said...

My Dear Larissa,

You forgot to show Tanner's favorite part of the party! He loves his new robot T-shirt. Holy Moly dear woman! Where do you find the time? or energy?


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