May 9, 2009

In CASE You Were Wondering

Obviously by my clever title, this post is about Case. This is a long over due post about our littlest funny to think of the days of the first one, I am sure I would have posted a ton of posts by now.

Enough mention of other children...this is supposed to be dedicated to Case.

He is doing well and growing tons. He eats like a dream but does not sleep enough to let me dream. He seems to be soothed by the chaos around us, in fact he seems to enjoy it. We have enjoyed taking the time to take a lot of pictures of him this week and thought it would be good to share them with you.

Our Snugglesaurus
(ps my friend Jenny made those shoes)

Fell asleep eating and would not wake up.
Finally put him to bed.

Looked so much bigger today in his
little man outfit.


JasonDebbie said...

Cute little boy! I wish that mothers had a magical time-stopping device so that I could just sit for a minute and do nothing, or sleep for more than 30 minutes at once, or fold laundry without a baby destroying the piles I just made, etc. If I was there I would babysit for you!

The Brugger Bunch said...

What a perfect little man! He is so adorable Larissa! Oh, I just want to snuggle him!

Dave Dyk said...

He's so adorable, Larissa. And getting so big already! Hope you get some good sleep soon!

Karen said...

Larissa, you have the most beautiful family! I imagine there are moments when you do not fully appreciate that during the craziness of your everyday life(!), but just take it day by day and life will get easier. It's weird to think that I was in your phase of life when we moved to NV and met your family. I had just had my third baby and Brennan was 4! That's a weird time warp, huh?!? Love ya!

tara said...

are you sure that last one is andy's baby?? wow, he looks like your dad/andy. cute and no worries, those of us that weren't born first don't expect to see ourselves as much as those leaders of the pack. he's a keeper


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