Jul 19, 2009

Can't I Just Vacuum?

Title to be followed by other desires/longings...

...can't I just have time to put on make up
...can't I just sleep until 7:00
...can't someone else be the portable pacifier
...can't I get a new sewing machine since old one is DOA
...can't I have time to post on my blog
...can't I have time to craft something to put on said blog
...can't I just clean the laundry and have it be done for one day
...can't I just buy that cute wallet at Target
...can't I just drive a minivan already
...can't I just take a Sunday nap

...and list could go on for several posts. BUT no I can't do most of those things right now, and that is just dandy with me. I have three of the most precious little monsters ever. I love that I can be brought to joyous tears just looking at their cute faces as I realize they are mine and are part of me.

So even on days when I finally get around to vacuuming my house while littlest one snoozes, only to be met by two sneaking boys who have decided it is a good day to grow a mustache (with the help of markers not puberty),

it is all just dandy, for before long I will be singing a different tune...

...can't I just have a toddlers hug again
...can't I just go back and rock my babies again
...can't my kids just believe every word I say again
...can't I listen to my five-year-old read to me again

...can't I have a good belly laugh at my kids' funny faces

...can't I go be their very favorite person again

...can't I go back to tiny hand holders

...can't I go back to three car seats and lots of little voices singing in my car

...can't I just have a day when they are little again


Darcy said...

I'm happy you have the right perspective on your life. Very good insight.

JasonDebbie said...

You're totally right about that, i have a pre-mid life crisis just thinking about the future when they're older and don't need me anymore. I know I'll wish later on that they could chase me around and dance with me and sing little mermaid songs, etc. Instead they'll want to be with friends and play video games, and........sniff......i wont know what to do with myself.....sniff. :) I'm glad someone else understnads!

tara said...

ditto to all of the above. some days all you do is wonder when they will leave you alone and then you realize that you don't want that day to come anytime soon. good luck with the vacuuming and just so you know, you have updated your blog and crafted way more often than me. so be proud of yourself!!
ps i'm trying to figure out how to come visit you next month. i have to work out the room and board with my mom and all that jazz, but it will probably be around the 15th or so. let me know if that will work for you! can't wait to see those little dudes

Cinderella, the A-Train and Our Little Caboose said...

Cute Post Rissa, those mustaches are hilarious! haha We sure miss you guys. Hope you are staying sane!!

Jenny said...

ok so your post made me cry a little...darn your hide! Seriously, made me think about all the complaining I do amid all the blessings I have! Thanks for "Pollyanna-ing" it up for me! Oh and P.S...funniest pic ever..love Cole's "chester" mustache best!

Keri said...

ive been feeling the same way this past week. what a great way of looking at life. Thanks for that sweet reminder all us busy moms need. put family, gospel, and love first.

Abbie said...

I agree. As tiring as days are with little kids, I am sure we will miss them.

Amy said...

Did the bear in the picture get a mustache also?

I wish Vacuuming was a desire of mine...It's more like a 'I need to but really don't want to, so I'll put if off for a few more days.'

Love ya

Kristi said...

I know exactly how you feel! Sometimes a little time to myself sounds like the best thing in the world, until I realize what funny things I'll miss when I'm not around my kids. I can't imagine having to leave them all day every day to go to work! What a blessing it is to stay home. :-)

V and Co. said...

i'm still waiting for the second round of "can i's"
what a couple of hoots! they would get along a little all too well over here at our house with all the hooligans we have over here!
and yes boo hiss to the news of almost being sooooooo close!

Karen said...

Well said, my friend, well said. Brennan turned 18 on Saturday; need I say more?????? :(

Celeste said...

You're so right! I have been trying to enjoy every minute. I love that Jenna is taking so long to do everything. She'll be one on the 28th and she just learned to turn over both ways today! She might actually start crawling soon. But I love it!

Michelle said...

Cute post. I feel the same way. Motherhood is hard, wonderful, and interesting :)

Nyree said...

I agree! The thought of my girls growing is one, that at times, makes me want to cry. They already grow too fast as it is. I just wish I could freeze time or at least slow it down for say... maybe 30 years! Your post reminds me of a lady in Relief Society who chimed in when the younger moms around her were having a talk about "I feel all I do is......" adding chores that never end. The elderly lady said "all I do is knit! I wish I had little ones to clean up after and do things for. But that time is past and my house is perfectly clean and I..knit!" I try to think of her comment everyday and how grateful I am for these little spirits who make me BEYOND busy!

Stockhoff Family said...

Seriously I want the good old days ALL the time. When did you grow up? Love you Mom

Amber said...

I love this post. Its great to be reminded.


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