Nov 5, 2009

Not Your Everyday Brownie

I heart brownies. Chewy, chocolatey, not-all-the-way-done brownies. I can make a pan and then be indignant when half of it is missing...and then chagrined when I realize I am the one who ate that half a pan.

So when I browsed this recipe from Picky Palate (ps if you want a sinful dessert just browse her concoctions) I knew I had to make it. Enjoy all of it's caramely, chocolatey, nutty, appley, cream cheesy goodness.

Roasted Apples and Cream Caramel Topped Brownies

I linked to her recipe, well because it is hers, and I am being a little lazy today and don't want to re-type out the recipe.

I will give you some hints...

use foil like she really does make them come out better
you can do it in a 9x13, just cook for less time
really do let them cool completely before pouring over caramel, it will stick better
I only used three apples

when you make them...make them for a function so they are not sitting on your counter daring you not to eat will lose.

1 comment:

The Gilbert Family said...

I love brownies, never thought to eat them with apples though, however I do love me some apples and carmel, I wonder what it would have been like with peanut butter?? hmmmm


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