Feb 1, 2010

Gym Envy

I admit it. As I drive past almost any gym, I find myself coveting a membership and green with envy of all those people who have said membership.

For an hour a day, six days a week I work out at home (which used to be broken up my running outside but due to old lady gimpy knee running has taken a sabbatical). Feels like I always have, and most days it feels like I always will because a gym membership is such an easy budget cut.

Every morning as I start which ever home routine I am doing for the day, I again find myself dreaming of a gym membership. As I use my sofa to block off all escape routes for one tiny crawler, I yearn for a membership with a daycare. When I feel a cheerio, that has been one of many that have been thrown on the floor at previously mentioned tiny crawler, crush under my feet (no on judge me that I am throwing cheerios on the floor at my baby), I pine for a workout space devoid of food/toys.


the phone rings
my downward dog pose has become a tunnel
middle little man needs to pee
tiny crawler uses my plank pose to pull up to standing
jumping jacks cause a phantom door to make noise
poopy diaper needs to be changed
I need to break up a fight
I pull tiny crawler away from lamp, weights, books, etc.
home elliptical squeaks
middle little man sneaks another granola bar
I push pause for some kind of catastrophe prevention

...I sigh, keep going, and look forward to the day that I can work out at a gym.


Amber said...

I yearn for a husband to be home enough for me to go running outside! So, I also work out at home. Except I only have two and my oldest is at school, so it makes it a bit easier. What kind of at home workouts do you do? Any good cardio? I find it easy to tone at home but nothing beats running for the cardio.

The Gilbert Family said...

I am with you sister. I wait till the kids are in bed after lunch, because I am too tired to get up early in the morning, or I do it at night. Then I run the risk of not doing it(like today) because of many reasons and then when it hits the evening, I am to tired and do not feel like it. Cheers to you for doing it when the kids are awake!!!

Darcy said...

You are so dedicated! Six days a week for an hour WITH little kids interrupting! You are an inspiration to all.

Michelle said...

I'm impressed that you work out as much as you do. I always feel so tired with just ONE kiddo! But yeah, a gym membership with a daycare does sound nice! Dreamy...

Nyree said...

I feel for ya girl.. I have to work out before signs of life are even a thought from the girls. Then I pay later from being so sleepy!

Kristi said...

Working out at home stinks! The ONLY upside to working out at home is that it doesn't matter at all what you look like. Downward dog in a sports bra and bike shorts is gross. But at home, no one cares. I used to have a gym membership and we had to cut it from our budget. I miss it so much! On the days I actually do my at-home workout, it takes twice as long as it would if I went somewhere else to do it. Sigh. Not fun.

Katie said...

I feel that gym envy too. I long for the day when our budget allows it again. Til then I make do with my Wii Fit Plus. I love how when I step on it in the morining it goes oh!! like why did you eat all those oreos? you are squishing me!


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