Jul 30, 2010

Great Gift for Mom and Dad and In-laws

A couple of years ago I gave both my parents and hubbies' parents a gift that proved to be quite the sentimental hit.

We gave our parents a "The Kids Remember" book.
thanks sister o'mine for taking these pictures since I live way too far away 
from my sweet mom and dad

I emailed all the siblings and asked them for two things-

a list of "remember whens"
you know the little things that family folklore is made of, your own
 family's personal version of the dundees


a specific memory they had with each parent

Once everything was gathered...be patient with your siblings, remember you love them and you might want to give them an email every day for 2 months frequent friendly reminders...

I typed everything out.

I scrapped a cover together with a title and the date of the gift.

I assembled everything into page protectors and even did category title pages within. One for the specific memories, then put each typed up memory behind it. Another page was typed up for the "remember whens" with the list of "remember whens" following them. Then I put it all in a binder.

Seriously it was the best gift and the most fun to put together. I literally was belly laughing as I typed up my siblings "remember whens". It was also touching to read my siblings memories, many of which I had not remembered/known.

I know my parents read theirs all the time. Upon getting the gift and shortly after going through it, my mom put in an order for another one in a couple of years. 

It is going to sound super cheese, but putting this gift together helped me remember just exactly why my goofy, loving, tad-bit crazy, generous family is the BOMB.

Boy was growing up with them FUN.

Just for you...okay and me..here is just as snippet of my siblings "remember whens"

The boys parted their hair down the middle
We had Kenzie hide in a box and forget about her for half an hour...she never got out
Larissa dressed all three boys as girls
Greg got a boy Barbie for Christmas
Dad had a perm
Natalie thought guacamole was made from guacamoles
Dad would ask us to pull his finger
Andy and Rissa boxed, he knocked her in the head and she cried but wanted to get up and still fight
Mom read a book for Greg and wrote a 10 page paper
Andy power pounched Corey in the stomach
We told Kenzie she was marrying Billy Gilman because they both had snaggle teeth.
Mom loved stirrup stretch pants
Andy talked Natalie and Kenzie into going snipe hunting
Greg began chocking on a hotdog and fruit juice at Grey's Papaya and got unnecessarily upset at Andy for laughing at him.

I promise this gift will be a hit with your parents or in laws.


Amanda said...

great idea! I don't even know your siblings but the list had me cracking up!

Unknown said...

My dad used to make me pull his finger too!

I love this idea so much that as soon as my brother is home from vacation, I'm sitting him down and we're going to start our own.

Thanks for the wonderful idea! :-)

Unknown said...

What a great idea! My parents 50th is in a month, wonder if I could get one of these together by then?? Thanks for sharing, Sue


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