Dec 7, 2010

No Silhouette Needed Wall Art How-to

Silhouette machines are gloriously wonderful...mind you I am saying this having only ever dreamed of the machine from a far. While I have entered every Silhouette giveaway in blogland, the blogging gods still have not thrown me a lucky bone.

But do I give up all the glorious projects that a Silhouette offers? No sir...or uh ma'am.

Not everyone can have the hottest and coolest toys, but I have learned through the years that doesn't mean you can't still create some LOVELY might just take a little ingenuity, time, and chocolate.

So here is how you can create your own Christmas Wall Art even without a Silhouette.

You will need:

felt...are any of you surprised I am using felt?
printed off letters in your favorite font, cut out for stencils (mine was Modern No. 20)
lots of pins
a good movie
a good pair of scissors
oh yeah and...

The process:

Find your font, print off letters in the size you want.
Cut out letters to use as stencils.
For each letter, pin to felt and then cut out. You could also trace on backwards. Both ways will take some time.
Put on a movie.
Cut out some letters.
Eat some chocolate.
Wash your hands so as not to give chocolate on your letters forcing you to say something unladylike and then needing more chocolate.
Cut out some more letters.
Gather all your lovely cut out letters.
Find a wall.
Put them up...use what ever adhesive method you want...I used scotch tape...yep that is right I did.

This is a little bit of a labor of love, and yes a Silhouette would be easier and vinyl would be easier to work with...but that is not the point of this craft. The point of this is to show you that you don't need to lament if you don't have the tools. You can do it!

small disclaimer: Depending on what font you use and how dainty it is, these letters might now make it from season to season. It is okay they will still have chocolate next year.


Maggie and Sheepie said...

I have read about homemade adhesive for walls, but don't know where to look. Does anyone have advice?

Tanya said...

I'm not sure how well it would work with felt, but with lighter fabrics, you can adhere it to the wall with liquid starch, with no marks.

Ashley W. said...

I've found that using freezer paper as a stencil is great with felt. You can just iron it to the felt and then there is no slipping or pinning the paper needed!

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Look at all of you guys being so stinking helpful.

Thanks for all the tips...I have never used freezer paper on felt...where have I been???

MindyMindy said...

I love it! I love that it's felt too. :)


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