Jan 4, 2011

Why NOT to organize...

When you have a room that looks like this-

And it has a door on it that will shut it off from the world, aka your neighbors/friends/husband/you, word to the wise....just keep the door closed and choose not to organize it.

I mean sure it is a new year. And SURE there are tons of people out there with CUTE laundry rooms that are not the dumping grounds of said house. Of course there is some merit to cleaning/organizing such a room. You might just find that missing sock/candy bar/pair of scissors/air pump nozzle/smell/ you haven't been able to find. Of course there would be a sense of accomplishment at completing such a task.

Just imagine it-

crisp white shelves
cutely labeled bins/totes/crates/baskets
a clean and organized pantry (haha p.s. the first time I wrote this post I wrote a clean and organized panty...haha)
a cozy little nook for my vacuum
a posh and modern rug for my momma feet to rest while I change some loads
a lack of pure and utter shame that accompanies the previous pictures

Yes, that would seem like good reasons to get my Laundry room organized. At least that is what I felt up until seeing this-

Pure madness. Not one, not two, but three heaping piles of poopy-doop. All ripped out of it's previously can-close-the-door-home. Now annoyingly sitting out in the open for all to see. Homeless as I rip out shelves, spackle holes, sand said holes, prime, tape, paint, paint again, paint some more, find new shelves I like, put those in, scrounge around the house for make shift cute bins...ugh the list goes on.

Meanwhile no one is welcome in my home...I mean it. If you are wanting to stop by and gawk at Mt. Crappity Crap, you can't. Put your cameras away and keep driving.

My boys are eating on a blanket in the living room...they think it is cool "like a picnic".

Upon hubby seeing the mess he asks, "Are we moving?" Haha. Shut it.

SO yes, as I am up to my elbows in junk and paint, I think hmmm...maybe this was a good reason NOT to organize. Of course when it is all done I will be glad I did it...

and at least I have a happy willing helper.

Anyone want to place bets on how many days this is going to take me? I am already on day 2.

Here is to opening the door, abandoning my pride and getting organized.


Unknown said...

Hilarious! And I totally feel your pain.. I have been organizing one item per day to get myself prepared for the new year.. It is taking lots of time! I will bet it will take you 5 days.. and then the last day you will rock it out of sheer determination to just GET DONE! Good luck digging out!
You can follow my progress @ http://pinkapotamus.blogspot.com

Amanda said...

you're funny, it's going to be great once it's done. Was this sparked by our Saturday conversation or was this in the making? Come paint mine when you're done????

Stockhoff Family said...

I was going to sit down today and do say NOTHING! Then I read your blog and now I would feel just too guilty. Now maybe I will put the clean dishes away and vacum the floor-no organizing for me-nope nope!! There will be no pictures cause the whole house is a- half the house moved to college disaster and now I am fetal mess- Love you Mom

Celeste said...

I love it! You are so dang funny! You are so good at putting into words things that go on in my head! For some reason Jeremy (and me too) loves to rearrange rooms. Everytime it ends up looking like that! And who puts it all away when we are done? ME!!! Looks like you have a bit of work ahead, but your right, you'll be so glad when your done:) Can't wait to see pictures of after!

The Gibson's said...

So I follow your blog and seriously just wanted to say THANK YOU! Sometimes being a mormon I feel so out of place because I am not one of those molly mormon gals. I HATE to organize and I am glad there is someone out there too that feels the same. Thank you for that!!!

mamagale said...

Mt. Crappity Crap: priceless! It made me laugh! And I think it will be a great name for a certain child's bedroom disaster. Oh Larissa you are adorable!

Betsy said...

did you ever finish?


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