Feb 9, 2011

Up To My Armpits...

It is birthday and party season.
Valentine's Party is tomorrow.
Then come's Oldest Little Man's birthday.
Littlest Man's will be just about 6 weeks after that.

Yup, I am up to my armpits in planning, list-making, crafting, hair-pulling, partying, baking...okay you get the drift. In the moments of insanity I get little moments of giddy bliss...

Like when this comes in the mail...

I have a couple of plans for all of this glorious fabric.

One of them goes with the theme of Oldest Little Man's party.

Intrigued? Yup that is a fedora.
I am just so excited.


Julie said...

Sounds like my house. One Valentine party today, one tomorrow, one on Monday, oldest sons birthday on the 25th then oldest daughters 4 weeks later and much more to do in between and after. Have fun in all the celebrating! Isn't it grand to be a mom? <3

tara said...

a fedora? did i know your little dude was 57 and frank sinatra? i'm thinking about a doing a little v-day shindig of my own...inspired by yours truly. any (free...what can i say, i'm a mooch) advice you could give me would be greatly appreciated (ages 2 to 4 please)

ps you're awesome and i still wish i was you


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