Aug 6, 2011

Moving Recap: Packing Up

Two weeks have passed since this ginormous truck was packed...and I do have to add NOT by us. Glory be to have movers. What a luxury for which I was unbelievably grateful.

We have been out of Ohio for two weeks now. Living in hotels for two weeks now. Two weeks of living from a suitcase. After two weeks of traveling, living in hotels, and gaining my barrings I am finally posting a recap of our travels.

Today I am sharing a little of our last day in Ohio. The packing, the loading, the cleaning, the good-byes, the sweating, and the crying. The closing of one era of our lives and the starting of another.

The movers came on one day to pack our whole house up. Then they came the next day to load up the giant truck. I felt SO bad for them because it had to be one of the worst heat/humidity days that we had seen all summer. There was so much stuff and they had to haul it out of the house and into the truck all day.

Once the rooms were cleared, we cleaned a little. Middle LOVES to vacuum, so he got to help me.

We took time from cleaning and getting ready to say good bye to friends. We said good bye to friends...
There may have been crying...sorry to the few of you who had to say good-bye twice. I just couldn't seem to let some of you go.

Did I mention that the day we moved was hotter then the hubs of Hades? Well it was. I mean look at my poor children's heads...

Yup...eww gross that is all sweat...we won't mention that the absence of pictures of me at this point is the only thing saving you from seeing my 13-year-old-boy stank sweat through my shirt nastiness.

After one long hot, slightly depressing day, the truck was packed.

The boys not-quite-excitedly watched all our belongings drive away.

Shorty after the truck drove away, there were tears. Oldest cried for a good 20 minutes...which in turn made me almost cry. I didn't...I mean I had to put on a brave face for my Little Mister.

About an hour after the truck drove away, we packed up our luggage, the boys, and all our travel provisions in the minivan. Hubby and I stood one last time in our first home. We hugged each other, cried, and then laughed at our gooey sentimental selves.

Then we got in the car, said a family prayer, and then started our cross-country drive towards our new home.

Stay tuned for more Moving Recap...yeah I know you are sitting on the edge of your seats.


Jess said...

It's so great to read this! My hubby and I and our two little ones are moving from the East Coast to Colorado at the end of the month. It's hard to stay balanced right now. I can't wait to hear more about your experience! I'm so glad you survived. That means I might :)

Amanda said...

Miss you guys!

Shanea said...

My heart, my heart....the crying little ones. I just can't take it! Hope you guys are in a good place right now and that your new adventure is amazing.

Adrienne said...

it's so nice to read your really put them together well and i'm glad you guys made it to Idaho and will hopefully get into your house soon. your 'Home' blog was very touching and it reminded me of when we had to leave our first home at Vance AFB. it was just an old 2 bedroom base house, but it was our first and where we brought our 2 babies home from the hospital so a lot of memories there. it was really sad when we left for good. new memories can always be made so life goes on :-)

Roses - Mama Magic said...

My neighbors just moved with their three little ones and we felt that we lost a piece of ourselves. Your little mister's expression in the last one is too cute. Best wishes settling in your new surroundings!

Celeste said...

Phew! Crazy stuff! I hope you can get settled soon and start and this new chapter of your life :) How exciting! (Ps. Idaho doesn't seem so far away!)


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